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Patch 1.04 für Darkest of Days

Version 1.04

New Features:
* Added support for more mouse buttons (mouse 4 and 5)
* Added support for num pad bindings
* Added mouse smoothing option
* New PhysX system software

* Fixed crash in "Rebel Yell" mission
* Fixed ATI driver crash in Pompeii part 1
* Fixed "save while dead" bug from zeppelin mission
* OpenAL fix for systems that don't support the EFX extension
* Mouse cursor should now be hidden properly on all systems
* Fixed bug where starting a new game immediately after finishing an old one resulted in all missions staying complete
* Alt+F4 combo removed
* Fixed benchmark/load screen interaction issues
* Weapon code cleanups in DNGr and FMG
* PhysX particle code safeties
* OpenAutomate benchmark listings fixed

Version 1.03

* Initial Release


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