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Patch 6.6.2 für Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis

This update will bring Global Crisis all the new game engine features included with the SR2020: Gold Edition

Player Options: During the installation of Update 6 player options will be reset.

Savegames for Supreme Ruler 2020 and Global Crisis are now stored in the My Games folder of My Documents for a given user by default. This can be changed in-game using the My Options/Player Options/Files settings to specify a preferred save game location.

If you have updated from an earlier version and have Saved Game files stored, simply turn of the "Save in 'My Games' folder" checkbox in the Options.

Supreme Ruler 2020 and Global Crisis (all versions) Update Notes:
- Games for Windows compatibility
- Windowed mode now supported (Graphic options)
- Spies system reworked to create tension instead of wars.
- More spy related e-mails added
- Elastic banding improved (focus carriers with aircraft type situations)
- Satellite construction cost added to expense report
- Fixed ability to right click, pick Facilities, then select specific facilities.
- Military branch remembered when going from a reserve facility to reserves unit list in Defense Dept
- Improved AI commodity trading (including AI requests products/offers money, before did only reverse)
- Added ability to mark units as excluded/favorites
- Added rally point centre button
- Added ability to adjust autodeploy and continuous to units in the Queue and in Production
- Added more 3D Unit Meshes (6)
- Orer of Battle (unit list) Updates
- Uranium costs for units added to unit popup
- Right click - bombard/attack facility command fixed
- New Lobby Option - Units Die when Region Falls
- Ctrl + elastic band can be used to add more units to selected units
- Different Sound volume levels for on-screen and off-screen as well as other regions vs. own units
- Sounds fade when map zoomed out
- Fixed trade money for money exploit
- Fixed "unlimited missiles" exploit
- Fixed value for techs when negotiating treaties with the AI
- Fixed Naval Rally points
- Fixed various indirect fire issues (neutral/own waters, bombard, attack facility)
- Fixed AI valuing techs when negotiating treaties
- Fixed AI valuing naval unit designs
- Fixed Satellite costs in regional budget
- Fixed UN relations hit when an allied region dies
- Fixed order of units being added to production and queued lists
- Path line displays over world edges fixed
- Completed various minor GUI improvements
- Campaign maps updated

Incremental 6.6.2 Changes (all versions including Gold Edition):
- Fixed rare Fog-of-War off bug
- Build-to-Strength on Merged Units fixed
- Play on as Dictator available when losing an election

Global Crisis (expansion only) Update Notes:
- Enhanced Tooltip to show what's in a BattleGroup
- Added AI trading of units
- Maximize offer button added for Diplomacy Offers
- Facility controls added for "Facility Build" screens in various departments (activate/deactivate and build by type, minister chooses best location)
- Game Option to show War Declaration and Alliance messages about all regions
- State Department priorities added for Trading

Global Crisis Scenarios: There are four new custom scenarios and two new multiplayer scenarios.


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