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"Update 8" bzw. Patch v6.8.1 für Supreme Ruler 2020 oder Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold

"Update 8" for Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold features a variety of improvements, enhancements and new additions including ones suggested by the active Supreme Ruler player communities. The update includes:

* 20 new MOD scenarios
* New units and technologies
* Dozens of new AI additions and improvements
* New unit commands
* Game performance improvements including reduced memory usage and smaller save game files

Not only will "Update 8" be provided free-of-charge to all existing Supreme Ruler 2020 and Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold owners.

Biggest Highlights:
- Rolls out the experimental "Update 7" changes into the core Supreme Ruler engine
- Includes the "Mod Pack" Content
- Adds some new Features & Fixes
- Updates everybody to "Gold", including owners of the original SR2020

Here's the more detailed changelog from Update 6 to Update 8:

New Content
- New "MOD" Scenarios included (20 Scenarios)
- New Units and Technologies added

New AI / AI Improvements
- Improved AI Military Response code / Military actions
- AI better manages air units and Naval invasions
- AI strategies for larger troop concentrations improved
- Better use by AI of unit formations and larger forces

New Features
- Play on as Dictator available when losing an election
- Idle (circling) air units now respond to Unit Requests & Hotspots
- Added 'LOAD UNIT' command, transport will load any units in its zoc
- Air units in overstacked airstrip will look for alternate airstrips
- Air units will better disburse to available carriers
- Added 'Diplomatic Alignment' effects when treaties signed/cancelled
- Add ability to turn Third Party Diplomatic Alignment effects on/off
- Add Language Selector to Game Options (requires restart)
- Surrounded cities are now blockaded and lose their supply level
- AI Regions will accept treaties and alliances less easily
- Equipment List: Infantry Units re-balanced (less engineer-rush etc)
- Equipment List: Garrison movement rate set to 0
- AI will no longer send Command Units on Naval Invasions

Performance Improvements
- Improved performance of Pathfinding code by 35%, reduced memory usage
- Improved map performance by moving unit texture loads to background thread
- Game Performance at highest game speeds improved

Fixes / Improvements
- Fixed Save-game file size issue (files now much smaller)
- Fixed incorrect 'victory' text box when region is defeated
- Fixed possible hang when diplo offer maximize picked but green not poss
- Fixed bug when Fog-of-War turned on after scenario started with it off
- Build-to-Strength on merged units fixed
- Base production queue value reset on owner change (possible bug fix)
- When a center upgrade destroyed, all nodes are now also destroyed
- When base in enemy ZOC it goes "lockdown", no auto unit landing/reserve
- Upon Surrender units remain in Reserve (Garrisons too); constr queue kept
- Units should land properly at a just-surrendered airfield
- 'OnePerHex' now enforced for airport/seapier/barracks
- Optimized memory use of save-file compressor
- Changed order-id sequence code to resolve possible multiplayer/mt sync prob
- Fixed bug where scrapping river city node also scraps roads in hex
- Fixed (hopefully) final issues with pathing lines not showing for off-map dest
- Garrisons on a fully-garrisoned hex are now disbanded
- Resolved MP lobby sync issue when switching between saved and scenario lists
- Non-Tradable Techs are now enforced (ie units with non-tradable prereqs)
- Diplo trades use removehex/newlocation properly; mp sync & 'ghost dmg' bugs
- Fixed in-flight missiles not getting saved properly
- Units that are marked as Favorites will show even if obsolete or replaced
- Fixes to LOADUP order to not leave some potential units unloaded
- Corrected a targetting/visibility bug where long range fire opps were missed
- Corrected a case where unit opportunity fire set not used in missile firing
- Indirect damage of multiple units in hex no longer drops below 50% in stacks
- Full Equipment name is now shown for units
- Removed 'Missile Storage Limit Exceeded' maintenance cost penalty
- Fixed issue with 'bordering' not always properly set
- Health care rating no longer defaults to 80% on cache creations
- AI Regions will now properly use initial missile stocks
- Changed save buffer size calculation to prevent possible overflow
- Fixed small/rare issue with AI Neutral-Exit of standoff units
- Fixed rare issue with air units looking for landed refueling tankers
- Fixed upgrade and base infrastrure cost over-calculation on multi-nodes
- Deactivated facilities were costing too much maint cost
- Mouse Freeze on Large-Font Windows fixed

Player Options: During the installation of Update 6 player options will be reset.

Savegames for Supreme Ruler 2020 and Global Crisis are now stored in the My Games folder of My Documents for a given user by default. This can be changed in-game using the My Options/Player Options/Files settings to specify a preferred save game location.

If you have updated from an earlier version and have Saved Game files stored, simply turn of the "Save in 'My Games' folder" checkbox in the Options.

Supreme Ruler 2020 and Global Crisis (all versions) Update Notes:
- Games for Windows compatibility
- Windowed mode now supported (Graphic options)
- Spies system reworked to create tension instead of wars.
- More spy related e-mails added
- Elastic banding improved (focus carriers with aircraft type situations)
- Satellite construction cost added to expense report
- Fixed ability to right click, pick Facilities, then select specific facilities.
- Military branch remembered when going from a reserve facility to reserves unit list in Defense Dept
- Improved AI commodity trading (including AI requests products/offers money, before did only reverse)
- Added ability to mark units as excluded/favorites
- Added rally point centre button
- Added ability to adjust autodeploy and continuous to units in the Queue and in Production
- Added more 3D Unit Meshes (6)
- Orer of Battle (unit list) Updates
- Uranium costs for units added to unit popup
- Right click - bombard/attack facility command fixed
- New Lobby Option - Units Die when Region Falls
- Ctrl + elastic band can be used to add more units to selected units
- Different Sound volume levels for on-screen and off-screen as well as other regions vs. own units
- Sounds fade when map zoomed out
- Fixed trade money for money exploit
- Fixed "unlimited missiles" exploit
- Fixed value for techs when negotiating treaties with the AI
- Fixed Naval Rally points
- Fixed various indirect fire issues (neutral/own waters, bombard, attack facility)
- Fixed AI valuing techs when negotiating treaties
- Fixed AI valuing naval unit designs
- Fixed Satellite costs in regional budget
- Fixed UN relations hit when an allied region dies
- Fixed order of units being added to production and queued lists
- Path line displays over world edges fixed
- Completed various minor GUI improvements
- Campaign maps updated


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