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Toolset v1.00 für Dragon Age: Origins von BioWare

The Dragon Age Toolset puts the power of the game developer in the palm of your hands. The Dragon Age Toolset will allow you to produce your own content including dungeons crawls , full-length campaigns, and even cut-scenes you can share with friends and the BioWare community.

Registered game owners of the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins can download the toolset here and start creating their own epic adventure stories.

Key Features Include
- Create New Adventures - Forge your own environments from your imagination, or use the rich set of Dragon Age locations and artwork as starting blocks to build new, original campaigns, quests, or cut-scenes.
- Stage Massive Battles - Test your might in battle by fully customizing the combat and creature AI, allowing you to create detailed action sequences full of heart-pounding warfare.
- Be the Director - Create your own stories with the powerful cinematics editor that offers full control of the camera, voice and lip syncing tools, and a full character creator.
- Content Creator's Community - Join the BioWare Social Network where you can easily find tutorials, share content, chat with other creators, and get content updates for the toolset.


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