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Patch v1.21 für Combat Mission: Shock Force für die Version von; nicht für die Ladenversion oder die Fassung von Gamersgate; Version 1.10 muss bereits installiert sein

This information is for the current v1.21 patch of Combat Mission Shock Force. This patch is "incremental" and requires at least v1.10 version of the game. You need to first patch the game up to v1.10 (or v1.11, or v1.20) before applying this patch. If you have the Marines or British Forces module, your game is already automatically at least at version 1.10 or v1.20, respectively.

Save games created with version v1.20 of the game ARE COMPATIBLE with v1.21. Just make sure that you save them during the command phase of a turn-based game. Save games created with earlier versions (1.10 or 1.11) are NOT COMPATIBLE with v1.21.

WARNING! The following patch is for you if
- you have at least one (or more) modules installed -> DOWNLOAD THIS PATCH
- OR if you have no modules but the original base game and it is already patched to version v1.10 (or v1.11) -> DOWNLOAD THIS PATCH

If you purchased the game from Paradox Interactive, in a retail store, or if you downloaded the game from, AND YOU HAVE NO MODULES DO NOT INSTALL THIS PATCH! Instead, download the "Plain Jane" patch specific to the Paradox or Gamersgate version you own.

This patch will update your core CMSF game and all modules to v1.21, which includes many enhancements and improvements. Below is a brief list of some of the new v1.20 game features.

Combat Mission Shock Force v1.21 features

o Soldiers on rooftops receive better cover.
o Speed difference between Fast and Quick moves is slightly increased.
o Soldiers tire more quickly moving across difficult terrain or in very hot weather.
o Split teams that are in close proximity but on different vehicles will not attempt to join.
o Teams that rejoin will retain the target orders of one of the teams instead of erasing them all.
o Buddy-aid will not pick up heavy weapons from a different Team.

o Passengers manning a vehicle weapon may use it even if the crew has bailed out.
o Top gunner in a Humvee can use a personal weapon if his vehicle-mounted weapon is out of action.
o Vehicles do a better job using alternate crew to replace MG gunners who become casualties.
o Tanks won't waste APFSDS ammo on lightly-armored targets when alternative ammo is available.
o Refinements to vehicle damage from mines.
o Added radio to UAZ vehicle.
o Bradley IFVs and CFVs carry some 40mm grenades for their passengers.
o Vehicles move more smoothly in PBEM and hotseat replay.

o Times to set up SPG-9 and most ATGMs are reduced.
o Powerful projectiles like sabot can penetrate trees and be slightly deflected rather than stopped.
o Heavy weapons set up near the edges of buildings won't drop to the ground after an explosion.
o Corrected a small problem where automatic weapons had a pause between the first and second rounds that was slightly longer than it should have been.
o MGs on bipods are a bit more stable than before.
o Corrected a rare instance where ATGMs could fly too low and hit the ground when they should not.

o Roads are smoother when traversing rough ground or steep slopes.
o Large rocks (flavor objects) are more of a deterrent to navigate over.
o Flavor objects tilt to fit slopes when necessary.
o Trees are less resistant to damage from heavy artillery.

o Updated behavior for artillery/air support time-to-target. Conventional Red formation leaders are now allowed to call in artillery from batteries at battalion level or below (e.g. light mortars).
o Corrected some issues affecting artillery arrival time after target adjustment.
o Corrected the display of artillery mission type in PBEM games.
o Artillery battery and aircraft pilot voices use the correct nationality when they differ from that of the spotter.

User Interface
o Troops may be given simultaneous Hide and Face commands, but changing facing often requires a soldier to change position slightly, during which time he will not be "hiding".
o When acquiring missiles from a vehicle, it is now possible to take the last missile without its reloadable launcher (e.g. Javelin).
o "Scenario Author Test" may be selected as a Skill Mode (1-player only). It will cause all enemy units to be fully displayed to the player, but not additionally "known" to player's troops.

o AI Plan #0 can be deactivated in the editor provided at least one other plan is active.
o In the map editor, some buttons were shifted from "Flavor Objects #1" to "Flavor Objects #2".
o Corrected some small issues with elevation controls in the editor.

o Large saved games that take longer to load do not advance the game clock in the process of loading.
o Corrected a slow framerate problem on the first PBEM turn.
o Small bullets kick up a tiny bit of dirt and dust when they hit ground.
o Computer-player air strikes aim at smaller areas, reducing friendly fire.
o Corrected a problem where some ATGM teams would appear to leave their ATGM launcher temporarily behind when embarking on a vehicle.
o Corrected a problem that caused the turn-based computer player sometimes not to dismount troops fully when instructed by the scenario AI plan.
o Corrected a PBEM synchronization problem caused by saving and reloading the game.

Marines Module Only
o US Marines sometimes have M203 grenade launchers instead of M32, especially at lower Equipment Quality settings.
o Added US Marine Mk11 sniper rifle (equivalent to Army M110).
o The US Marine sergeant in the scout team wears infantry gear, not vehicle crew gear.

British Module Only
o Jackal GMG (aka grenade launcher) can now be found in the Fire Support Section of the British Infantry Rifle Company, when the equipment rating is good (otherwise they get a WMIK).
o Loader on Challenger 2 Enhanced will not reload the top-deck MG unless ordered to unbutton.
o Warrior has slower (hand-cranked) gun elevation.
o Gunner in LMTV will use his personal night-vision gear when appropriate.
o LMTV carries more passenger weapons and ammunition.
o British Engineer Troop has 3 TUM ST vehicles, not 6.
o Corrected a problem with a US IBCT soldier carrying a British rifle.

The troubleshooting guide is located in the game folder (filename Troubleshooting Guide.html) as well as in the "Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force" Program Group located under the Start Menu.

In order to view this new onscreen list of clickable commands, select a unit and press the SPACE BAR and a popup menu of available commands will appear. It's similar to the old CM1 command interface.  The menu can be dismissed with another press of the space bar or a mouse click anywhere outside the menu.

Combat Mission has two distinctly different approaches for using unit Commands via the keyboard; Relative and Direct.  The Relative system involves a set of 9 keys centered around three rows of three consecutive keys each. These 9 keys match the 9 Command Buttons in the user interface's Command Panel.  Each hotkey controls the commands RELATIVE to the position on the screen.  For example, by default the U key activates the Top Row Left-Most key which would be FAST, TARGET, and SPLIT depending on which Command Group is visible (Movement, Combat, and Special respectively).  The Direct system, on the other hand, assigns a unique hotkey for DIRECT access to each Command. No attention is paid to the graphical representation on the screen. For example, if so assigned, F would issue the FAST command. T would issue the TARGET command, H would control the HIDE command etc... no matter which Command Group is visible on the screen.
There are pros and cons to each system.  The Relative system allows the player to keep one hand stationary on the keyboard and does not require any "hunting and pecking" to find the right hotkey.  The downside is that when you wish to use two Commands in a row that are in different Command Groups you have to first switch the proper Command Group (now done using the F5-F8 keys).  The Direct system allows you to string Commands together without concern for which Command Group they are in, but does have the drawback of requiring the hand to move and locate a specific key, which may or may not be easily memorized.  Which is "better" comes down to personal player preference, therefore both are provided.

Whenever possible, the order buttons under the various Command Panels will display the assigned "direct" key in highlighted green text. 
Note, we recommend that you decide which system you prefer and then assign the keys as you wish by editing the hotkeys.txt file. The default key assignments have all 9 Relative keys assigned (UIOJKLM,.) as well as a selection of the most commonly used commands mapped to new Direct keys (Move Fast, Move Normal, Reverse, Target, Target Light, Face, Deploy, Pause, Hide, Dismount, Vehicle Open Up and Pop Smoke) to give you an idea of how the two systems work. We have found that using one or the other systems exclusively seems to have the best results and do not recommend  mixing the two systems together. While it's possible to do, it could mean getting the worst of both systems and not really getting the benefits.  Therefore, if you wish to use the Direct system we advise that you edit the hotkeys.txt file to unassign the 9 Relative hotkeys.  Also, be aware to not double assign any keys to multiple functions.
In order to change the hotkey assignments, please see the hotkeys.txt file located in the game DATA folder.

By default, the first time the game is launched, the games internal resolution and refresh rate are set to whatever your desktop display is currently set to. We have added two ways to make adjustments to this settings.

From inside the game, go to the Main Menu, then select the Options panel. From there you can select the game to run at the following resolutions:
     Desktop = (the game will run at whatever resolution your desktop is set to)
If you want to run the game in a resolution and refresh rate not listed, you can manually configure these settings by editing the "display size.txt" file located in your game directory. Simply change the numbers that you see there with the width (in pixels) and height (in pixels) and refresh rate (in Hertz) you wish to run the game.
Example: For 1440x900 at 75Hz refresh rate, you would delete the numbers in that file and replace with "1440 900 75" (without quotes).
If you put in all zeroes example: 0 0 0, the game will revert to using your desktop resolution and refresh rate.

Exercise caution and only use a resolution and refresh rate supported by your monitor as damage to your monitor or display adaptor could occur, especially if you use too high a setting.

Combat Mission: Shock Force uses the UDP and TCP port 7023 for all multiplayer games. If you are trying to HOST a TCP-IP game make sure and open port 7023 for both UDP and TCP traffic.

This new game demo includes the optional install of a new, and we think, exciting tool. This tool seamlessly attaches to your internet browser (currently Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox supported) and gives you instant access to game news, patches, demos, chat channel as well as other popular browser toolbar *gadgets* such as realtime weather reports (unique to your hometown!), a spell checker and pop-up blocker. Fully user configurable and expandable, your new Community toolbar unlocks the full potential of your internet browser to keep you connected with the ever-growing world of games and resources! You can find more details on this new free utility here.


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