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Patch v1.09.8 für SunAge

Changes v1.09.8
- band selection of units in the multiplayer pregame sequence is possible.
  - icarus bomber - quickly switching modes allows to use primary weapon without cooldown time
  - Ordering units to move into a harbinger and then ordering them to stop causes them to be immediately loaded into the harbinger regardless of their distance
  - Ordering units to move into a taurus or harbinger and they fade to invisible. Ordering them to move while invisible and not loaded in the transports causes them to remain invisible until the transport is ordered to move.
  - order units to repair stuff  then press stop they halt and repair from whereever they are...
  - Units ordered to enter a moving gateship will move to the gateship position at which the order was issued and be loaded into it regardless of the current gateship position.
  - A squad with a commander connected to it will receive bonuses from the commander regardless of where the commander is located with relation to the rest of the squad. A commander connected to a squad on the opposite side of the map will immediately infer bonuses.
  - Mousing over enemy buildings reveals the enemys waypoints.
  - When a rally point for a sky fort is placed on impassable terrain (e.g. empty space or water) the units will not leave the sky fort position.
  - div. Particle emittings seem to get buffered and are started when the unit gets into the visibe area  eg. The transporters Takeoff / landing  dust...
  - Harbingers sometimes land on water instead of moving to land. Units may be unloaded at this location but cannot be moved or reloaded.
  - Harvesting units do not always drop resources at the nearest station. Further testing indicates that mining units designate the station closest to location when the order is given rather than the location closest to the resource location.
  - Harvesting autoresuming fails after all stations have been killed, and a new station has been built afterwards.
  - Harvesting units traveling to an occupied station stop when it is occupied regardless of how far they are from it.
  - Only one M.O.L.E. can be selected at a time with standard unit selection. This is contrary to standard unit selection.
  - The scuttler engine graphic can be seen even when cloaked in fog of war.
  - Reapers do not display the loading animation when being loaded into a gateship.
  - Entering the menu loops unit sounds (such as attacking soldiers gunshots). This can become annoying.
  - The player can still control cameral movements during cutscenes. This can lead to long pauses when the view is moved to see locations.
  - Fog of War history is not recovered when loading games in single player.
  - Selecting a Taurus containing units and pressing "A" to lift it off causes one or two units to exit the Taurus before lifting off.
  - Pressing the "S" key only cancels a units current order. All other queued orders will still be active. I would expect pressing "S" to cancel the current order and all queued orders.
  - A squad with an Enhancement Pod attached sometimes cannot be given preferred orders.
  - displaying of % doesnt work in mapprogress-panel
  - when dying in ingame-sequence  mouse cursor remains invisible: game::forceguimouse (0) inserted both in _complete and in _failed
  - ai enhancer  is groupable with other enhancers, even with the symbiont
  - skimmers max. formation width to wide  set to 8
  - mutants max. formation width waaay to wide - restrict to 8
  - minimap: resources are displayed very dark
  - intensify energy bars on pressing TAB
  - fix commandqueue - displaying / also display repair and build-actions seperately
  - dont display rallypoints of non-controllable factories
  - taurus - wrong deployment icon - A causes the unit to deploy AND then to thrust - argh
  - explosive weapons are way too strong - error in database...
  - laser weapons that aim on objects that have hitpoint at z 0 (eg. dem. machines) tend not to hit because they go into ground first
  - units grouped with enhancement pod cant be assigned preferred targets
  - sfx: golgotha walking sfx triggered when dying
  - sfx: factories / upgrade buildings getting disconnected keep holding building sfx  just turn it off.
  - Key: "." to detach one unit
  - Key: "," to detach all damaged units ( <= 35 % )
  - looped sounds: fade out looped sounds when game is paused / freezed ? Fade in looped sounds when game is unpaused / unfrozen ?
  - research buildings keep on researching when disconnected
  - trooper lasers and prolly all other laserweapons as well hit flying units (eg. A taurus) on the flyby... (filter flying units out of this inline objects
  - during in game sequences  units can be selected / bandselected and so on  that should not be - things to take care of: selects, bandselections, formation draggings,  - CANCEL all band-selection actions or dragging formation actions on cutscene begin...
  - ai skyfort  building sound doesnt stop
  - ai gateship  beaming up / down  gateopening sound is also always played
  - beam sound  often sounds cut
  - ai reapers dont have beam effect / sounds
  - ai skimmers dont have beaming sound
  - savegames loose the FOW - state
  - SHIFT Band selection  selects locked squads as well... should exclude all that are locked for another player AND also all that have BI_GO or BI_GROUP
  - saving destroys the xs-denied flag
  - additional (default) input scheme RMB-doubleclick ? auto-move in range for current weapon (like up to 60%) ? focus fire then switches to RMB long click (300 ms)  in the standard behavoir RMB long click or LMB long click performs that automove & attack.
  - squad bottom panel (for the hover info)  (at least in debug-version) keeps fading in to full  stays some secs  then starts again to fadein  REPRODUCED NOW IN RELEASE EXEC AS WELL

-Many Map-Fixes

Changes v1.09.6
-fixes some installation issues in patch 1.09.4 and 1.09.5

Changes v1.09.4
-added: improved/flexibilized master-server - entry in .ini
-added: demo-ability of the game.
-added: full-version is now multi-language


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