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Demo zum höllischen Runden-Strategiespiel Solium Infernum (offizielle Website)

Solium Infernum is a turn based strategy game set in the profoundest depths of Hell.

Assume the role of an Archfiend and customize your avatar to suit your particular game play strategy.  Choose the brute force way of the infernal warlord or tread in the shadows as a deceitful, backstabbing power broker.....or amass wealth and rare treasures to buy the throne.

- Simultaneous turns allow you to place your orders and await the heralds and messengers bringing word of the unfolding events in Hell.Play By E-Mail allows up to six players to compete for the Infernal Throne.  AI players can be selected to fill in open slots.  Single player games versus AI opponents are also available.
- Each incarnation of Hell is unique and a pocket plane unto itself. Travel far enough in a certain direction and wind up where you started. Confront your fellow pretenders to the throne in all directions.
- Control over 30 Places of Power like The City of Dis, The Wood of the Suicides and The Temple of Lust. Places of Power can provide you with different resources including prestige. Earn the most prestige when the conclave is called and claim the throne.
- Each turn a unique event card is drawn by the player currently designated as the Regent. This solemn responsibility passes from player to player each turn. The Regent can keep the card to play at a later date, discard it to avoid its effects or play it if it is to his advantage and watch his fellow Archfiends scramble to respond.
- Demand Tribute from your minions on earth and use them to fuel your fiendish rituals and increase your own dark powers.
- Everything is for sale in Hell. Bid on Legions to expand your territorial holdings.
- Hire lesser fiends, known as Praetors, to lead your legions into battle.
- Acquire Infernal Artifacts and Unholy Relics to increase your power.
- Know your place and observe the protocols of Hell. Declare Vendetta on a rival and wager prestige on how effective you are at making him suffer.  Drive him to Blood Feud, crush his legions and banish him to the Abyss.
- Deception and Lies can be as great a weapon as a legion of fiends. Frame your opponents for vindictive acts of aggression and watch them tear each others throats out.


Bright-Warrior schrieb am
Also mir ist die Grafik von dem Spiel zu minimalistisch. Auch wirkt das ganze irgendwie unzeitgemäß. Gefällt mir gar nicht. Aber ich war ja noch nie ein großer Fan von Hex-Strategiespielen, von daher ist das nicht so schlimm. Aber dafür 30$ zu verlangen... Vielleicht zeichnet es sich ja durch etwas anderes aus, was mir als Nicht-Stratege verborgen bleibt. Aber mich schrecken die Grafik und die Präsentation jedenfalls ab, für mich ist das unzeitgemäß und hoffnungslos veraltet.
schrieb am