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Patch 1.0.5 für Strength & Honour 2

-Increased general's death rate in battle mode.
-Increased units attacking enemy generals and marshalls from battalion dispatch
-Added text to display a person's civilization in the General Info dialogue (Right-Click dialogue) under the Title and Satisfaction submode.
-Removed the trade items variety bonus from city happiness for balancing purposes.
-Spreadsheet table in Palace Mode and Army Creation Mode in World Mode will now display values which will include the modified values (from Titles and Special items). These values will be displayed in red font.
-A dialogue will appear to inform the player that a city is rioting when they being to riot.
-Fixed a bug regarding recruiting generals.
-Transferring gold to a different city through armies may make the city which is transferring the gold lose city happiness points.
-Cities without a governor will now cause people to become unhappy.
-Cities that are rioting will have a chance to rebel and separate from the empire.
-Reward effects have been toned down.
-Fixed bug in which the spy icon will not be displayed properly and would be hidden while a spy is actually spying on a city in world mode.
-Fixed bug which allowed the player to change the civilization of a city before the school had been completely built.
-For Easy Mode, the happiness bonus from having any of the three trade items (Wool, Wine & Oil) has been doubled (2).
-Made it so that the capitals will receive +5 bonus in city happiness.
-Fixed minor bug involving destroying Senator House.
-Tuned the different unit's abilities in different civilizations.
-Toned down the abilities of characters that are less important to make more important characters stand out more.
-Made it so that the player can view other city's happiness by clicking on the city happiness button in world mode when spying on them.
-Made it so that people in the title list who are in the self-governed list will be dimmed from the upper panel and will be included in the person list.


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