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Patch für Blood Bowl

Version - Dark Elves muss bereits installiert sein.

- Reverted the Side Step changes.
- Fixed online news not displayed in some case.

- Players can now create private leagues online using the Cup, Play-off and Grand Slam layouts.
- Private League Administrators can now check match results and rankings in their leagues, even though they are not participating as a coach in the league themselves.
- Coaches can now discard Cheerleaders, Apothecaries and Re-rolls in Multi-player as according to LRB 5.0.
- Fixed a bug that prevented a Private League with administrated results to advance to next Match Day.
- Fixed Side Step during chain pushes.
- Always Hungry: An eaten player will now correctly lose his tackle zones.
- Disconnection & Network Failure pop-up windows are now always displayed on top.
- Fixed Secret Weapon players being sent off after loading a save game when they haven't yet played.
- Fixed crash when receiving team had no players left on the field after a touchback, during the kick-off event Blitz!

- Dark Elves introduction video should now play in fullscreen.
- Fixed crash in tutorial.


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