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Patch 1.04a für Solium Infernum

-Fixed bug where fizzure was not clearing the ownership of the Canton (hex)
-Fixed bug where Goal_SatisfyLust was not behaving correctly and failing to drive demands towards viable opponents to set up possible capture of PoP
-Fixed bug where AI players could repeat attempts to accomplish objectives that had already been accomplished because they were not being removed from the strategic goal pool
-Fixed bug where personal guard could be bribed by a Pilfer, Coerce & Bribe ritual
-Fixed bug where Infernal Juggernaut ritual could increase legion movement points above 5 which is the max movement for a legion.
-Fixed bug where Orb of Oblivion removal of Pandemonium while it was occupied by a Usurper would cause script error
-Fixed bug in Bone Breaker combat move for detection of opponents previous combat phase shield value
-Fixed bug in Dark Augury for revealing perks where VOID value indicating no perk in list could be treated as a perk
-Fixed bug where Combat Deception/Sowing Confusion ritual against Lies and Rumors decoy would create script error.
-Fixed bug where *Random* avatar was displayed as choice for human player selection
-Fixed decision making process for choosing hex for deployment of reconstituted personal guard.
-Fixed bug where player could challenge the Champion of Pandemonium while he was excommunicated
-Fixed bug where Vendetta Win Secret Objective was not updating correctly
-Fixed bug with Dark Augury ritual where check to ensure unknown information was gained first, interfered with access to seeing items in opponents vaults that were already visible.

UI Improvements
-Added cancel orders option to legion pop up menu
-Removed "Ding Dong" sound prompt from some of the ritual info pop ups to decrease annoyance coefficient
-Added Confirmation Dialogue Box to switching human players to AI from the host control panel

AI Improvements
-Improved AI Goal_CapturePoP to coordinate multiple legions based more on success rate and less on shortest range to cut down on failed attempts and setbacks.
-Improved Antagonism algorithm so that AI is more likely to stick with demands against antagonist during early/mid game. Algorithm still cedes to focusing on prestige leader in late mid\late game or case of runaway leader
-Improved heuristic for accumulating needed resources for bidding on relics that will accelerate player position i.e. +1 Order Slots, +1 Critical Attribute
-Rebalanced (reduced) goal pool values for secondary and tertiary goals that are supportive in nature
-Fixed critical bug in AI target selection for capturing opponent Places of Power. Algorithm was selecting worse ranked PoP rather than best.
-Fixed critical bug in AI algorithm for destroying enemy legions in Vendetta and during Excommunication. AIs could pop capture hexes sub goals onto stack even when odds of combat were good and ended up getting sidetracked.


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