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Patch für BioShock 2

-Fixed MP freezing and connectivity issues
-Implemented color-blind friendly hacking UI.
-Fixed further issues related to HUD stretching.
-Resolved functionality issues related to NVIDIA 3D Stereo options. Option in the Single Player Options Menu was removed and is now activated through the NVIDIA hardware.
-Fixed an issue where the User's whole vision would become blurred while using ironsights in DirectX10.
-Fixed a problem where trying to install a patch manually through the appdata directory would not work properly.
-Fixed an exploit in Multiplayer involving Rebirth
-The "Reset All" option in the Multiplayer Controller Settings now functions properly.
-Fixed further issues related to plasmid gene bank hotkeys not taking effect in-game.
-Resolved a problem where two parties consisting of five players were unable to join the same game lobby for any game mode except Survival of the Fittest.
-Fixed various localization bugs for Multiplayer
-Fixed an issue where task switching while in a game lobby would not initiate.
-Improved security for various weapon loadout files and fixed related exploits.
-Fixed issue where the title will fail to direct the user to the proper lobby when a join-able match is in session and the user accepts a game invite or attempts to join session in progress.
-Fixed issue when BioShock 2 fails to apply the title update when the files are placed in the appdata directory manually
-Fixed text overrun on the Corpse counter from the first Little Sister
-There are 53 achievements available to the user after installing TU 047.
-Fixed issue where BioShock 2 is listed as two separate games in the Games for Windows - LIVE guide after installing the title update and earning achievements.
-Fixed Spanish language issue where text overrran the textbox provided on the multiplayer lobby
-Fixed German language map title for Fontaine Fisheries
-Players can automatically reach rebirth rank 40 with any rank rebirth profile by viewing the epilogue within the apartment.
-Changes made to customizable controls using the "Reset All" function are not saved when the game is restarted.
-Fixed issue where the title will fail to properly task switch while in a game lobby when account management is chosen on Vista x86 PCs
-Fixed exploit where the user can modify the user specific .ini to acquire weapon loadouts before reaching the appropriate rank

Der Patch fügt Unterstützung für Breitbild-Auflösungen hinzu und behebt den Bug mit der mittleren Maustaste im Multiplayer-Modus.

Changes in this patch:
- Fixed an issue where 16:9 and 16:10 resolutions were letterboxed versions of 4:3 resolutions, thereby properly fixing the FOV by expanding the horizontal player view as intended.
- Fixed an issue where holding the M1 button would not register in Multiplayer gameplay.

Das Update behebt einige kleinere Fehler (siehe Change-Log), dennoch tritt seit dem Patch ein neues Mouse-Problem im Mehrspieler-Modus auf, das bislang nicht behoben wurde. An dem Widescreen-Patch wird übrigens weiterhin gearbeitet.

- Fixed accepting a game invite on the Multiplayer Menu via Friend Invite causing a crash. - Fixed a black screen that would occur minimizing and restoring the game in Windows 7.
- Fixed the ability to adopt or harvest Little Sisters after rebinding the 'F' or 'B' keys to Zoom, Fire or Fire Plasmid.
- Fixed Big Daddy HUD elements remaining on screen when not appropriate.
- Fixed an issue where the player's plasmid hand would become unresponsive if they pressed the Next Plasmid key immediately after firing any chargeable plasmid (such as ElectroBolt 2).
- Fixed a potential save file issue.
- Fixed an issue where the resolution would change on its own if entering gameplay in a 16:10 resolution on a native 16:10 monitor.
- Fixed a problem where if you were running the game in a resolution higher than your desktop resolution the mouse cursor wouldn't be able to go across the whole screen.
- Fixed an issue in Windows 7 where certain Radio messages could become scrambled or broken after defeating a Big Sister if Voice audio had been turned down or muted previously.
- Fixed a crash while playing Dionysus Park on a 32-bit machine.
- Fixed a crash that would occur sometimes loading a previous manual save made before any present QuickSave.
- Fixed a crash while signing in to GFWL when running compatibility mode for XP SP2 while running Vista.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't play audio diaries in certain areas.
- Fixed a rare crash that could occur any time before a specific Big Sister sequence.

Today we released a patch for BioShock 2 on the PC for issues that we uncovered between the title's production and launch. Unfortunately, this patch is causing errors in the Multiplayer portion of the game where holding down the mouse button does not register in game. We are already working on a fix to this problem and I will update you with more details as soon as I have them. The full patch list is available here for your reference (minus any potential spoilers.) Our work to fix other issues (including our widescreen fix) is still ongoing and they will be coming shortly. As always, I'll be posting here whenever I have an update for you.


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Irgendwie umgeht mich dieser Hype um Bioshock 2?!
Grafisch hat sich nichts getan, aber das ist ok. Grafik ist nicht alles.
Für nen Big Daddy verkraftet man recht wenig. Verglichen zum ersten Teil.
Ist ein Big Daddy wirklich so agil? Hat mich überrascht. Die richtige Kombination zwischen Waffe/Plasmid/Kamera zu finden ist recht schwer.
Es ist ein ganz nettes Spiel, aber ich hoffe, es ist der letzte Teil. Denn wenn ein dritter kommt, wird ein Kult zerstört...
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