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Multiplayer-Demo zum Echtzeit-Strategiespiel Order of War: Challenge mit drei spielbaren Fraktionen

The demo will allow players to lead any of the three nations: the USA, Germany and the USSR - and test their skills in battles against each. Packing six competitive multiplayer modes: Secure the Base, Mercenaries, Survival, Expansion, Instant Battle and Free-for-All (the demo will provide a wide range of gameplay options).

"We've worked hard on creating a really deep and action-packed multiplayer experience", says Nick Katselapov, the game producer. "With this extended demo we wanted to give players a true idea of what Order of War: Challenge will deliver".


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Leider funktioniert das nicht... :cry:
Beim entpacken der Datei tritt ein Fehler auf... :?: :!:
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