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Patch 1.2.4 für die englische Battlefront-Version von Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943

The first game update has just been released, upgrading the game version to 1.2.4. First step is to update the autoupdater (sorry the pun ). It's optional, but highly recommended for future updates: Download and unzip this small 68Kb archive ( to game folder, overwriting existing files.

Second step: Just run the game or autoupdater itself and click the 'Update' button. It will download the 1.2.4 patch and install it in silent mode. Wait for the install to finish and verify that it was successful by clicking 'Play' and checking the game version number in main menu.

1.2.4 Changes:
- Recon unit crews (Sdkfz. 222, Sdkfz. 232, BA-64) and scouts now have 50-100 Scouting skill
- Difference in visibility and audibility between silent and firing units increased
- Soldiers shouldn't throw grenades if there are friendlies near the target, running from a grenade is prioritized
- Visibility recaclulation delay decreased
- Unit with 'Hold fire' mode turned on won't engage the enemy on it's own, but will fire at the target assigned manually by you
- A couple of AI errors were found and fixed
- Soldiers with automatic weapons now fire in shorter bursts
- Player soldiers wouldn't constantly man an empty gun in generated scenarios

In addition, the patch contains the user manual in PDF format. Use the shortcut or double-click the file directly to read it.


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