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Die Demo zu Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter könnt ihr 30 Minuten lang anspielen. Ihr übernehmt die Rolle eines Schützen an Bord eines Raumschiffes mit zwei Geschützplattformen und müsst allerlei außerirdische Vehikel zerstören (Screenshots, Video).

"Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter" is an indie game for the PC/windows platform (indie 3d space shooter) intended to be downloaded from various game portals. The player is in a role of a gunner/shooter of a ship escaping an alien invasion in order to warn the rest of humanity of the incoming attack. It's basically a rail shooter, so the player does not control the ship only defends it.

In this space shooter the player is in a role of a turret gunner/shooter serving on a deep space exploration mission. Encountering an alien race while scanning for mineral rich asteroids in the region, the conqueror race starts it's attack right at the beginning. As it later turns out, the region is not dense with minerals - it is rich with hostile vessels...

There are 2 gun groups attached to the ship: upper and lower. As the player drags the mouse the cannon groups are switched to cover all the space around the ship. Each level has it's story, but basically you need to take down all/most of the targets that are attacking and thus to survive.

The game contains a 30 minute demo. After evaluation you are invited to buy the game at a link provided at the right section of this page. Note that after 30 minutes the game will lock down and all progress playing the game will be lost. After purchasing the game you will be allowed to play again.


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