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Patch 1.17.5 für den Multiplayer-Modus von Men of War

Patch 1.11.3 und Patch 1.16.4 müssen bereits installiert sein.

    * fixed
    . balancing
    + new
    ! planned

    * fixed bug with distant mine planting
    * fixed bug with high speed deminers
    * game no longer hangs after exit to lobby
    * improved game memory protection from external changes (anti-cheating)
    * small fixes in "Hall of Fame"
    * "Tanks only" mode improved (integrated mod TTmod_Pro from Pheonix)
    * fixed bug with undestructible USA mgun
    * fixed bug with Sherman "Jumbo" animation

    . Frontline: increased CP from 100 to 120 for attacking side
    . Frontline: increased score for flag capture from 250 to 300
    . BM-13 and Sdkfz4 reactive mines now have lower fly trajectory

    + Added new maps:
      Bridges quartet
      Country roads
      Country side
      Dead hills
      Desert hills
      Gold rush


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