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Patch 1.2.6 für Zombie Driver mit BloodRace-DLC (nicht für die Steam-Version)

Change log for version 1.2.6
- fixed briefing audio for missions 12 and 13
- fixed missing agent audio in mission 17
- changed sound volume for character speech in some missions where it was too quiet

Change log for version 1.2.5
- added voice over audio for all mission briefings and character dialogue in story mode. Male voices played by Tori Kamal, female voices by Sara B. Moore
- added French, Italian, German and Spanish language support
- added 1 second of invulnerability after respawn in Blood Race
- improved bot AI behavior
- tweaked car engine volume
- tweaked bus handbrake
- sports car alternate skin is unlockable for completing the Beginners'Tournament in Blood Race
- alternate taxi skin is now available from the start
- fixed possible crash bugs during map reload
- fixed respawn exploit in Blood Race
- fixed potential crash after completing the story mode
- fixed misc. sound effects not playing properly in menus
- fixed modified content warning message in Slaughter mode
- fixed global leaderboards screen showing Slaughter mode highscores under Blood Race
- fixed car wrecks gathering pick-ups
- fixed menu UI stretching in wide screen resolutions
- fixed tournament rewards being displayed incorrectly after completing the Zombie Drivers' Tournament in Blood Race

Change log for version 1.2.2
- added Blood Race game mode
- added new Muscle Car for the Blood Race mode
- added new Slaughter Train Station map
- added a second car paint for every vehicle (unlockable in Blood Race mode)
- added new vehicle destruction system with destructible 3d car parts
- added car respawn key
- added Polish localization
- new positional sound system
- new improved smart camera with longer view distance and smoother movement
- enhanced car physics to allow full 3d motion e.g. turning over
- added support for full story voice over

- added startup menu sound device selection option
- added startup menu sound disable option
- added startup menu gamepad disable option
- added particle effects when gathering repair pickup
- added sparks when a car collides with an obstacle
- added ambient sound playing in background
- added highlight and camera shake on player death
- added misc new envinronment models for the story mode
- new translucent water shader
- new main menu background
- new collision system for destrucible props
- tweaked car physics script
- tweaked car speed upgrade
- improved vehicle audio
- improved zombie audio
- fixed a few collision problems on the main story city map
- fixed skidmark texture mapping
- tweaked volume parameters for most in-game sounds
- removed option to post highscores to Twitter (caused by a Twitter authentication API change)
- lots of small tweaks and fixes

Change log for version 1.1.4
    * Improved HUD and menu text readability
    * Small menu layout fixes
    * Added build version info in main menu
    * Updated particles library to a newer version (improved game stability)

Change log for version 1.1.3
    * improved game stability on some system configurations 
    * added support for non-English letters in Twitter messages

Change log for version 1.1.2

    * fixed car selection in story mode

Change log for version 1.1.1

    * Changed sound card initialisation method (fix for some Sound Blaster sound cards)
    * Changed order of sorting cars in the Slaughter mode menu to match Story mode
    * Fixed master volume not being saved
    * Added Steam leaderboards modified content warning

Change log for version 1.1.0

    * Added new "Slaughter" game mode
    * Added five new arena maps for the "Slaughter" mode with different environmental effects
          o Harbor - bright midday
          o City Center - foggy noon
          o Park - bright dusk
          o Midtown - night with projected headlights
          o Suburbs - early dawn
    * Added specular highlights to most shiny surfaces and all cars
    * Fat zombie explosion kills are now added to combos
    * Fat zombies emit toxic fumes for better visibility
    * Car explosions can now kill zombies and are added to combos
    * Car explosions can chain from one another
    * Added new combo names and particles
    * Money is now awarded for destroying all props
    * Updated static camera and is now set as the default camera
    * Adjusted story mode pricing
    * 21 new achievements (Steam exclusive)
    * Online leaderboards for the Slaughter mode (Steam Exclusive). Local High Scores for all other SKUs
    * In-game Twitter support for posting High Scores
    * In-game Facebook support for posting High Scores
    * Switched zombie bone animation to hardware
    * Ogre3D Engine updated to version 1.7
    * minor tweaks and fixes


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