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Patch 6.7.63 für Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis und Supreme Ruler 2020: Gold

This update will work for any prior version of either:
- Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis
- Supreme Ruler 2020: Gold

Update 7 Changes List:
(Version Number 6.7.63)

Significant Changes:
- Added 'LOAD UNIT' command, transport will load any units in its zoc
- Air units in overstacked airstrip will look for alternate airstrips
- Non-Tradable Techs are now enforced (ie units with non-tradable prereqs)
- Added 'Diplomatic Alignment' effects when treaties signed/cancelled
- Add ability to turn Third Party Diplomatic Alignment effects on/off
- Surrounded cities are now blockaded and lose their supply level
- Equipment List: Infantry Units re-balanced (less engineer-rush etc)
- Equipment List: Garrison movement rate set to 0
- Adjusted AI Response code; New AI capabilities and responses added
- Added Move at Common Speed order modifier (hotkey Ctrl when issuing orders)

Other Changes/Fixes:
- When a center upgrade destroyed, all nodes are now also destroyed
- When base in enemy ZOC it goes "lockdown", no auto unit landing/reserve
- Upon Surrender units remain in Reserve (Garrisons too); constr queue kept
- Units should now land properly at a just-surrendered airfield
- 'OnePerHex' now enforced for airport/seapier/barracks
- Fixed Save-game file size issue (files now much smaller)
- Optimized memory use of save-file compressor
- Improved performance of Pathfinding code by 35%, reduced memory usage
- Improved map performance by moving unit texture loads to background thread
- Changed order-id sequence code to resolve possible multiplayer/mt sync prob
- Fixed bug where scrapping river city node also scraps roads in hex
- Idle (circling) air units now respond to Unit Requests & Hotspots
- Fixed (hopefully) final issues with pathing lines not showing for off-map dest
- Extra Garrisons on a fully-garrisoned hex are now disbanded
- Air units will better disburse to available carriers
- Resolved MP lobby sync issue when switching between saved and scenario lists
- Diplo trades use removehex/newlocation properly; mp sync & 'ghost dmg' bugs
- Fixed in-flight missiles not getting saved properly
- Units that are marked as Favorites will show even if obsolete or replaced
- Fixes to LOADUP order to not leave some potential units unloaded
- Corrected a targetting/visibility bug where long range fire opps were missed
- Corrected a case where unit opportunity fire set not used in missile firing
- Indirect damage of multiple units in hex no longer drops below 50% in stacks
- Full Equipment name is now shown for units
- Removed 'Missile Storage Limit Exceeded' maintenance cost penalty
- Add Language Selector to Game Options (requires restart)
- AI Regions will accept treaties and alliances less easily
- Fixed issue with 'bordering' not always properly set


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