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Patch 1.03 für Storm over the Pacific

* Air Strike description corrected
* Corrected starting date for Saipan scenario
* Corrected wrong price of units over first level
* Improved screen behavior after zooming or panning the map
* Zooming in and out does not causing map to jump/shake
* Corrected CTD when loading a scenario with country without a flag
* Corrected supply source display when unit was taking supply from Mulberry if it was cut off from city after Mulberry has been created
* Corrected beachhead display
* Partisans will appear only if they are land connected

* Partisans in China now more dependable on Japan garrisoning
* Australian AI should coordinate strategic planning better in case of Japan invasion in Pacific Campaign
* AI will spend PP for technologies more rational
* AI focus more on repairing Naval units

* Possibility to land on Maloelap added in Pacific Campaign
* Ishikawa (23|38), Ginowan (20|47) Ginoza (35|35) and Onna (28|33) added to Okinawa scenario
* Normanton (146|143) and Daly Waters (129|141) added in Pacific Campaign
* Hiroshia port size increased to 8 in Pacific Campaign

* Vichy units in Indochina seceded to French Indochina

* Changed convoys data in Pacific Campaign
* Communists China will become more important player in fight for dominance in China in Pacific Campaign
* Communists China can be recreated after it's fall in Pacific Campaign
* Shore bombardment now depends on the range only
* Landing Crafts and Troop Transporters now can not move after embarking, must wait for next turn

* First Marine Division event add

* F5 key now turns on/off units names
* Fleets can be sorted now
* Commanders can be sorted
* Few changes in hotkey assignment

* New event method added Country.ChangeOwnershipOfAllAirUnits (countryID, CountryID)
* Availability to bind numeric keys to different locations on the map
* Added new report of naval groups lost
* Possibility to add alternative land unit's imgaes for scenarios
* Possibility to add images for customized land units (by naming the file with the name of unit)
* Possibility to sort columns in Units managers


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