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Patch 1.2 für Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Hinweise: Der Patch ist nicht für die Steam-Version und sollte nicht installiert werden, wenn man sich mitten im Spiel befindet.

IMPORTANT: This update should work with all Amnesia releases that uses our (Frictional Games) serial system. If you have bought the game on for example Steam, use Steam to update the game.
DO NOT upgrade if you are in the middle of a game. Depending on where you upgrade you might experience some oddities due to save game differences between 1.0 and 1.0.1.
--Change log--
     -Added the expansion "Justine". Launch it from the Launcher, using the Justine button.
    -Added complete Russian translation.
     -Fixed typo in english.lang.
     -Mouse movement should scale better if you have really wide setups (as in multiple monitors).
     -Show icons when no cross active.
 Inventory script
     -Fixed typo on variable name.
     - Add details to part of map where people explore.
     -Fixed static that clipped through wall.
     -Moved PlayerStart after teleporting to vision, hopefully fixing problem some with low end computers have.
     -Fixed hole into library, should fix player "bouncing" out from hole and not into.
     -Implemented a simple fix for incorrect chemical jar.
     -Move boxed and debris a bit to minimize chance of lurky hitting player while on the box.
     -Added extra collider boxes to keep player from falling out of level (very unlikely).
     -Added colliders below stairs so that pipe entities can't get stuck.
     -Fixed the three steam pipes getting stuck in steam burst mode.
     -Fixed z-conflict between two static meshes.
     -Moved the slime that could potentially block the door by mistake.
     -Going into cave and into the void.
     -In the passage with stabs, possible to look under floor.
     -Torch goes through wall.
     -The web reappears if leaving the level and entering a gain after using acid.
     -Texture fixes.
     -Falling out of level in corner.
     -Carpet with dirt on it.
     -Water thing might be less prone to attack on boxes. Might.
    -Texture fixes.
    -Texture fixes.
     -No colliders on bottom of stairs in main room
     -Fixed door in wall.
     -Fire gives damage.
     -Getting stuck behind machine.
 level15 N/S
     -Can jump through the gap in the floor without widening it.
     -Falling out of map by cavein and in a crypt wall.
     -Pushed out of level by grunt.
     -Magnetic boxes.
 level 18
     -Saved the valve that was forgotten.
     -Texture fixes.
 level 22/27
     -Texture fixes.
     -Capture improvements.
     -Going through railing.
     -Less chance of circle running.
 level 24
     -Texture fixes.
     -Found some "on the moon" objects.
     -Repositioned some red slime web.
     -Pressing ESC while binding a new key ends up in quite the predicament.
     -Improved binding to mouse buttons beyond the first 3
     -Herbery diary part 3 distorts.
     -New page tag in italian translation.
     -Misc english translation fixes.
     -English manual minor fixes.
     -Minor german translation fix.
     - Fix for ATI X 1000-series
     - Forced cache loading (increases load speed)
     - Draw buffers enabled in gbuffer shaders (fixes issues on some cards)
     - Fixed ladder climbing crash bug
     - Fixed item combine crash bug
     - The crash flag check is removed.
     - Rotation interaction now works better with mouse smoothing off.
     - Fixed wheel-rope connection save bug
     - Lean does not interfere with scripting
     - Lancher saves log file to proper folder
     - Some settings are now properly saved to cfg files.


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