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Patch 1.02 für Combat Mission: Afghanistan für die

This v1.02 patch is for you if you have purchased the original version (v1.01) of CMSF Afghanistan from This patch is not compatible with the Russian retail version (v1.00) of this game, unfortunately.

The v1.02 patch for "Combat Mission Afghanistan" has been released today. It includes a number of fixes to user reported issues, TO&E corrections and other improvements, such as:
-All BMP, BMD, and BTR series vehicles have infantry firing ports (previously only the BMP-1D did).
-Team weapons that are not deployed, and cannot be fired in that state, show a "Not Deployed" message over the weapon silhouette in the user interface.
-Sounds for armor penetrations and ricochets by large projectiles are louder.
-Weapons fired at pickup trucks (aka "technicals") aim better.
-Building collapse sounds are quieter at a distance.
-RPG-16 has increased muzzle veloc ity and max range (500m).
-Updated RPG-16 rocket model.
-Updated the TO&E for Soviet Airborne Recon Company
-Various TO&E improvements as suggested by players, in particular BMPs and BTRs being available for Airborne forces.


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