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Patch für Cities XL 2011 von

Das Update funktioniert nicht mit den digital gekauften Versionen (wie Steam).

-The game can now allocate more than 3GB of RAM memory on 64-bit operating system.
-Screenshots of the city during the saves are now disabled in order to avoid a crash.
-Trophies won will be saved each time.
-Upgrading roads already laid on the maps of Paris, New York and Hollywood won’t cause the game to crash anymore.
-The game now saves a backup copy regularly during the game.
-The trade message is now displayed in the Media Report (informational messages displayed below the main game).
-You will always be able to build Oil processing factories near refineries.
-The number of power plants required to build a large central is now more clearly displayed.
-Problem with French localization of roads on stilts corrected.
-Before uninstalling, the game asks whether to keep the saves or not.


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