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Patch 1.5 für BioShock 2

Patch 1.5
-Enables Minerva's Den DLC

Patch 1.4
-Enables BioShock 2 to play the new Protector Trials DLC
-Fixed unlocalized text in Customize Controls screen.
-Player mouse functionality no longer drops out when the Video Card Driver Warning appears.
-User.ini no longer overwritten when game loads. This should address mouse sensitivity issues as well as many v-sync option bugs.
-Changes the game version # visibly displayed in the Single Player main menu to Version 1.4
-Enables music in the game's Single Player main menu (console versions already had this... for PC, the music was always included in the game files, but it didn't play)
-Overwrites User.ini on installation, so you'll lose your Single Player keybinds
-Dramatically increases Single Player GFWL sign-in time due to added GFWL sign-in bug


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