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Patch 1.03 für die PC-Version von Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Patch 1.03
-Updated binkw32.dll to prevent crashing while playing videos.

Patch 1.02
Single + Multiplayer
-Fixes an issue that prevents player settings and game progress from being saved if the user's Windows login name contains unicode characters.
-Fixes an issue where users could not add friends whose names contain dot characters.

-Changed network communication port from 1000 to 7917 in order to fix connection issues caused by some ISPs' restrictions.

The patch is now available - your Game Launcher will inform you and download and install it for you - you do not need to download it manually - please be aware that different regions may have different versions of the patch, so please let the launcher auto patch the game, rather than manually installing.

Patch 1.01
-Fixes an issue that prevents the player from accessing the DaVinci Disappearance DLC under certain circumstances.
-Fixes 2 random crashes.
-Fixes an infinite loading problem in the game menu.

-Fixes a bug where a player may not appear on radar in Assassinate game mode.
-Fixes a bug where the player may get stuck in a white screen in certain conditions.


LPWTHYOU schrieb am
Also es hat GARNICHT geholfen, wenn man das Problem hat, dass man im MP ewig nach Spielen sucht und keins kriegst bzw. findet.
Langsam find ich es auch echt sch****e, immerhin hab ich nen Spiel mit MP gekauft und kriege nun nur nen SP der spielbar ist...
schrieb am