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Patch 1.71 für die PC-Version von Atom Zombie Smasher

1.71 March 29, 2011
- Gameplay: level-4 outbreaks now constantly spread to neighbors.
- Mods: added parameter to control level-4 spreading (GAME_ASSAULTSPREAD 1)
- Mods: added parameter for merc button UI. (UI_CONTROLBOX_BUTTONS 8 )
- Mods: added parameter for determining assault levels. (GAME_ASSAULTTHRESHOLD 1)
- Mods: added parameters for more scientist levels. (SCIPOP_LVL4  SCIPOP_LVL10)
- Mods: added parameter for minimum park size. (PARK_MINSIZE 2)
- Mods: infantry color now affects selector UI.
- Mods: periods now allowed in mod names.
- Debug: ctrl+shift+z to depopulate a territory.
- Performance: faster sniper overlay rendering.
- Fix: fixed force_noquarter parameter.
- Fix: fixed bug where Continue button overlapped Merc button.
- Fix: crash when no profiles are available.

1.69 March 24, 2011
- Fix: fixed "Fatal error loading sound" crash.
- Fixed audio crash in Weather Manager.

1.67 March 23, 2011
- Fix: fixed disappearing barricade bug.
- Gameplay: first merc is guaranteed to be offensive unit.
- Gameplay: added Combatant modifier. Ensures an offensive unit is always included in roster.
- Gameplay: balancing pass:
* Increased initial amount of scientists.
* Increase human speed.
* Increased human territory points.
* Increase heli land time.
* Decrease sniper reposition time.
* Increased short game victory points.
* More parks!
- Mods: InfantryColor now affects in-game unit.
- Mods: added parameters to determine offensive mercs.
- Mods: added parameter to force Combatant gamemode.
- Achievements: fixed Street Sweeper and Snipe Hunt.
- Achievements: fixed stat accruement.
- UI: only show territory hover when in orders mode.
- UI: add achievement button to pause menu.
- Fix: updated with new OpenAL32 library.
- Fix: crash in mod viewer.

1.65/66 March 20, 2011 - Fix: bad framerate bug.
- Gameplay: barricades no longer required for mission start.
- Gameplay: remove Cabin Milestone if Party Wagon is active.
- Gameplay: plus/minus key can now be held.
- Fileshare: mod listing is now faster.
- Mod menu: mod listing is now faster.
- Mod parameter: Scientist starting amount (SCI_STARTINGAMOUNT 0)
- Mod parameter: Lvl-4 alternate spawning (ALTERNATE_SPAWN_EPIDEMIC 32)
- Mod parameter: more city populations (CITYPOP_LVL5 - CITYPOP_LVL10)
- Mod parameter: min. building size for snipers (SNIPER_MINBUILDINGSIZE 2)
- Achievements: fixed Tactical Camelid.
- Report-a-bug: now accepts question marks.
- Fix: better performance in worldmap screen.
- Fix: crash in tile rendering.
- Fix: crash in dictionary accessing.
- Fix: crash in bird audio.
- Fix: crash in modded building heights.

1.63 March 16, 2011
- Achievements: fixed stat accruement.
- Debug: press ctrl+x to complete mission.
- Debug: added Steam stat viewer.
- Fix: fixed hang when home territory is taken.
- Fix: fixed bug where people got stuck in barricades.
- Fix: fixed mixup between Alt. Spawning & No Quarter.

1.62 March 15, 2011
- Gameplay: fixed random sorting for mercenary selection.
- Camera: map now scrolls when mouse cursor is at screen edge.
- Video: added option for v-sync.
- Video: added commandline for framerate limit ( -framerate 60 )
- Debug: press ctrl+x to skip to next month.
- Achievements: fixed Champion of the People, Worm Has Turned
- Achievements: fixed Champion of the People, Worm Has Turned
- Fix: fixed crash in vignette file parsing.
- Fix: fixed crash in bird rendering.
- Fix: fixed crash with invalid characters in profile name.
- Fix: fixed crash in Zed Bait audio.
- Fix: fixed crash in Filemanager sort-by-date/name.

1.6 March 6, 2011
- Mods: new mod reload button (backslash).
- Mods: added population parameter for level-4 outbreaks (CITYPOP_LVL4).
- Mods: creating mods now grab latest online mod data.
- Performance: optimized barricade rendering.
- Fileshare: allow sorting only when done loading data.
- File mgr: added Rename button.
- File mgr: label bad/corrupt files.
- Fix: fixed crash in zed bait.
- Fix: fixed crash in territory scoring.

1.55 February 24, 2011
- Performance: optimized barricade placement.
- Mods: added rating system for mods.
- Mods: helicopter parameters are now floats (was integer).
- Fix: fixed crash when there are zero zombie territories.
- Fix: fixed crash when mod has duplicate parameters.
- Fix: fixed crash when quitting debug city.

1.52 February 22, 2011
- Balance: Llama Pile price adjustment.
- Fix: fixed bug in multiplayer merc selection.
- Fix: fixed crash in park generation.
- Fix: fixed crash in night crickets.
- Fix: fixed crash in File Share.

1.51 February 21, 2011
- Gameplay: Llama Pile now includes Llama Bomb unlock
- Gameplay: Added "No Quarter" gamemode. Zombies invade all territories.
- Mod screen: added sort by name/author.
- Fileshare: added sort by name/author/date.
- Fileshare: sort newest date by default.
- Fileshare: fixed "downloaded" icon.
- Mod creation: if no online connection, copies local manifest.txt
- Mods: added debug to increase/decrease outbreak level.

1. Activate debug mode (Ctrl+F11, Esc)
2. On the world map, hover mouse on territory.
3. CTRL+Z: increase outbreak level.
4. CTRL+SHIFT+Z: decrease outbreak level.
- Mods: added parameter for helicopter name.

HELI_NAME  Pleasant Pheasant

- Mods: added parameter to force No Quarter gamemode.


- Netbook mode: optimized world map rendering.
- UI: updated controls screen.
- Fix: fixed crash in modded building heights.

1.45 February 15, 2011
- Controls: mouse middle-click now deselects merc.
- UI: mod name display to cityscape and world map.
- UI: fixed sniper mousecursor in coop play.
- UI: fixed minus key (Mac).
- Fix: crash in modded artillery stats.
- Mods: fix for downloading mods with non-alphanumeric names.
- Mods: Added error checking when hot-updating mod (press F12).
- Debug: debugmenu shortcut is now Ctrl+F11 (Mac: Ctrl+Backspace)

1.42 February 10, 2011
- Fixed ATI driver issue (PC)
- Mod Manager: added mod info viewer.
- Balancing: Alt. Spawning gamemode.

1.41 February 9, 2011
- Gameplay: dead mercs can now be upgraded.
- New modifier: spawn zombies in middle of city.
- Mods: added parameter for spawning zombies in middle of city.
- Mods: added parameter for giving all mercs.
- Mods: added parameter for forcing permadeath.
- Fix: fixed crash in park generation.
- Fix: fixed crash in helicopter spawning.
- Fix: fixed crash in tutorial system.
- Fix: fixed crash in text rendering.
- Fix: fixed crash in Zed Bait.
- Fix: fixed crash in Online File Share.
- Fix: fixed crash when deleting active profile.

1.34 February 7, 2011
- Mods: fixed float values.
- Mods: added parameter for infantry refire time.
- Mods: added parameter for max amount of superzombies.
- Mods: added parameter for superzombie spawn time.
- File Manager: added sort by name/date.
- Fix: fixed crash in building generation.
- Fix: fixed crash in Online File Share.

1.33 February 3, 2011
- Gameplay: fixed infantry cloning bug.
- Mods: fixed bug where savegames weren't loading their associated mod.
- Mods: fixed stat_arty_shells_* parameter.
- Patcher: fixed filename bug.

1.32 February 2, 2011
- Vignettes: fixed international region error.
- Vignettes: added better error checking.
- Mods: fixed typos in manifest file.
- Mods: MS_* milestones set to zero will now unlock at campaign start.
- Mods: debug menu opens with ctrl+shift+backspace (Mac only).
- Gameplay: fixed crash with unit reset.

1.31 January 31, 2011
- Unit reset: limited unit reset to planning phase.
- Fully Stocked mode: fixed crash.
- Permadeath: added missing Permadeath prompt.
- Barricades: fixed invisible barricade reset bug.
- Barricades: fixed crash.
- Patcher: fixed windows auto-patching (really)
- Linux: fixed permissions.

1.3 January 31, 2011
- Gameplay: right-click merc button to reset their position.
- New modifier: Triplets. Carry more than one of each merc type.
- New modifier: Permadeath. Disables mission restart.
- New mod parameter: control zombie spawn speed/amount.


- New mod parameter: how many of each mercs are available.


- New mod parameter: how many shells arty can fire per level.


- Music: fixed missing level music cue.
- Barricades: performance optimization.
- Snipers: performance optimization.
- Patcher: fixed some auto-run issues.
- Debugmode: added Input Viewer.

1.25 January 28, 2011
- Gameplay: added "Concede" button to dropdown menu.
- Gameplay: added loading screen when generating world.
- Gameplay: added textkey "Press 9 to restart" (Mac only)
- Gameplay: fixed bug where mission restart broke pause toggle.
- Mods: fixed scientist population crash when outbreak level > 4
- Patcher: Mac/Linux now routes player to download site.
- Landmines: fixed crash in draw code.
- Fileshare: fixed crash.
- File Upload: fixed crash.

1.24 January 26, 2011
- Gameplay: fixed issue with Level-4 "Concede" button not appearing.
- Gameplay: added more timescale controls:
Ctrl+Plus = max speed.
Ctrl+Minus = min speed.
Ctrl+Spacebar = default speed.
- Fileshare: fixed crash when scrolling list.
- Mods: fixed crash when outbreak levels exceed Level-4.
- Mods: fixed crash with modded worldmaps.

1.23 January 25, 2011
- Gameplay: added Purchaseable Llama Bombs.
- Screen: buttons now accommodate lower resolutions.
- Patcher: added auto-download for patches (Mac, Linux)
- Patcher: fixed crash when applying patch (Windows).
- Save/load: fixed crash when loading modded map sizes.
- Zed bait: fixed crash.
- Sound initialization: fixed crash.
- Linux: compatibility fixes.

1.22 January 24, 2011
- UI: spacebar now toggles to last-used timescale.
- UI: Pressing "9" now restarts the mission. (Mac only)
- Fully Stocked mode: suppress Catbird unlock popup.
- Save/load: fixed crash.
- Planning mode: fixed crash.
- Dynamite: fixed crash.
- Linux: fixed incorrect manual being packaged.
- Linux: OpenGL fix for some platforms.
- Start Menu: fixed readme link.

1.21 January 22, 2011
- Release build!
- Fully Stocked mode: hid extraneous unlock popups.
- Graphics: converted .tgas to .pngs
- Gameplay: fixed dynamite not respecting timescale.
- Gameplay: spawnmanager no longer has western bias.
- Fixed crash: in filemanager after deleting all files.

1.2 January 21, 2011
- Fixed crash: artillery draw code.
- Fully Stocked mode: removed infection difficulty ramp.
- Fully Stocked mode: removed purchaseable llamas.
- Casual mode: now propogates speed modification to infected humans.
- Hardcore mode: now propogates speed modification to infected humans.
- Cityscape: fixed uninitialized data in mission restart's restore positions.
- Cityscape: fixed infantry and sniper team squad renaming.

1.1 January 20, 2011
Pre-release build


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