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Patch 1.2 für die PC-Version von DiRT 3

Changes in this patch 1.2:
-Resolved an issue which could prevent the user successfully saving with profiles that contained unicode characters.
-UI elements are no longer incorrectly displayed in Gymkhana
-Improvements to input system, supporting multi-device action maps. The user can now set button configurations to span multiple devices; previously a bug would cause these settings to be lost upon game restart.
-Corrected various spelling mistakes across all languages
-Reset line corrections to prevent potential ‘out of world’ or ‘driving into crowd’ issues on several tracks
-Corrected an issue which could, in rare circumstances, prevent the display from rendering in the event of 16xCSAA being selected.
-Steering wheel no longer jolts to the left in the race reward screen
-Removed an incorrect limitation which could cause VSync to lock the refresh rate to 60Hz on a 120Hz system.
-Physics output to motion simulators is now correctly faded out at the end of a race, preventing some situations within which motion would continue after crossing the finish line.
-Adjusted head camera configuration to avoid excessive vibration effects when VSync is disabled.
-Front end menu improvements for multi-display systems, correcting a small number of visibility issues.
-Improvements to GPU detection, correcting a potential issue which in some circumstances could prevent SLI scaling operating correctly with DirectX 11.
-Implemented native stereoscopic support for compatible devices.
-Inclusion of a benchmarking utility, simplifying the process of gathering performance statistics.
-Various stability fixes.

Changes in this patch 1.1:
-Time of day and weather options are now correctly saved within Jam Session save/restore slots.
-Fixed an occasional loading screen hang which could leave the player with a black screen.
-Fixed a soft lock when removing the Ethernet cable on some screens during a LAN session.
-Battersea Compound - Parking Lot environment updated to ensure that smash blocks are always present.
-Resolved specific instances of the player being able to drive into areas of crowd.
-Corrected a rare issue with online staggered start team events which could lead to incorrect team scoring.
-Fixed a very rare physics issue which could lead to the player’s vehicle falling through the world.
-Fixed two graphics issues which could lead to a crash when changing resolution or resizing the windowed game to a height of 0 pixels.
-Resolved an issue preventing Player 2 from re-binding their controls if using a keyboard within a split-screen event.
-Fixed an issue which, in specific circumstances, could lead to a spectator seeing incorrect progress during a multiplayer Transporter event.
-Minor corrections to track boundary and reset lines.
-Fixed an issue which will occasionally cause the green ‘infected’ effect to be applied to the player’s car during loading between Outbreak events.
-"World Record" and "Personal Best" symbols now correctly appear within all circuit-based time trial events.
-Correction to particle behaviour during high speed collisions, avoiding any instances of them spawning in the wrong direction.
-Minor finish line adjustments to avoid the possibility of bypassing them in some routes.
-Fixed an issue which lead to the driver’s hands clipping when in the interior camera ‘brace’ position.
-Resolved an issue which would occasionally prevent the ‘World Tour’ tetras from spinning within the front end.
-Resolved an issue which could lead to some vehicle cards flickering within the front end vehicle select screens.
-Adjusted a small number of text references and menu options for the "VIP Pack", which should be referred to as the "Free Car Pack" for PC.
-Various stability fixes.


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