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Patch für Pro Cycling Manager - Tour de France 2011

- Adds display of distance ridden for a race which has already begun.
- Adds a warning message if a game is launched and the player's TCP/UDP ports are not correctly opened for the PCM2011 application.
- Correct problem which prevented Omnium track races to be taken into account by the ladder.
- Adds display of profile of the upcoming stage when a game is loaded in stage mode.

- Corrects problem whereby world champion did not abandon his jersey in season 2.
- Negotiation with a sponsor is no longer possible if the manager has already postponed his answer for one week.
- Corrects various problems concerning the creation of a custom team.
- AI teams will mainly recruit young riders from regions which interest their sponsors.

- fixed: a water carrier follows a team-mate who has just attacked, in order to supply him with water.
- fixed : when nobody wants to relay in a group, player's riders who are have received a "Keep Position" order, ride very slowly.
- fixed: sometimes the peloton slows down for no apparent reason at the end of a race and the breakaway rider(s) win more easily.
- prevent exploit: the player, by assigning a low effort level to a rider under a "Keep Position" order, can block riders behind him.

- Adds the possibility to create a Start List for a race (Options page).
- Correct a possible bug in track race trophies.

- Tour de France update : several adjustments to rider attributes
- Custom databases are now to be found in "DocumentsPro Cycling Manager 2011Database" instead of "DocumentsPro Cycling Manager 2011UsersxxxxxxDatabase"

- Add a new brand for frames with a new 3D model.
- Several updates for team jerseys and accessories.

- Fix combox bug (introduced in the update)

- Fix various Custom Team problems (logo problems)
- Change Sponsor logo on interseasonturn in career.
- More young riders from the country in Custom Team
- Update young rider creation (more countries, balancing, new names)
- Custom team creation : Region is visible

- Several small adjustments to rider attributes
- DB Editor : fix the win7-64 bits crash (introduced in the update)

- Possibility to create short loops (min = 6 km instead of 10 km).

(please note that all the modifications are include into the
- Add “Stage Race” mode
- fixed : it is possible to create a multiplayer game with a custom database.
- interface : add an icon when a password is required for a multiplayer game.
- interface : add a context menu after a right-click on a player's name giving the possibility to add to a list of friends or to begin a private chat.
- in-race events which concern the player are written in dark green whereas those which concern another human player are written in light green.

- Fine tuning of riders' shadows.
- The Cya Top Tour's leader jersey is now deactivated

- Small update to results displayed on podium pages.

- fixed a crash during the loading of the 3d race “GP von Frankfurt”.

- fixed : national teams' equipment

- Fixed : (a rare bug) when the player asks the first rider of his sprint train to sprint, the train breaks apart and all the riders start to sprint individually.
- Fixed : escapes win too easily on flat races. The peloton doesn't ride fast enough in closing kilometres.
- Fixed : riders set off again too quickly after a fall or a puncture
- on flat terrain, using the Keep Position order on a rider inside a relay paceline now makes the rider keep his position behind the paceline.
- Fixed : if the player forgets to supply a rider with water and has not given him any order for a long time, the rider decides to supply himself when he is very thirsty
- Fixed a rare crash that could happens when you hit F2 (profile display) during the replay
- Update : new 3d model for Passolo frames
- Fixed : some animations are now smoother and have updated hand positions.

- Allow transfers during interseason, when the sponsor ends at year+1.
- Fixed : some Pro Teams were asked to send a Wild-Card request in a few CTT races (including Roubaix, Flèche Wallonne...) where they should be invited automatically.
- Fixed : some memory leaks in career.
- Fixed : national championships are not counted as important races on the "Magazine" page
- Fixed : a rider who was 2 times consecutively national champion was not properly set.

- Fixed : rider and team in a list change colour on mouse over or click.
- Fixed : end of text cut in some interface screen
- Fixed : wrong sponsor textures on secondary sponsor and custom teams
- Fixed : text alignment on favourite races
- Fixed : area of interest for sponsor (country VS region)
- Fixed : purple texture on Detailed simulation during TTT (showing teams instead of riders)
- Update : track page (HUD is hidden and the leave button is placed at bottom-right)
- Update : minor updates of the GUI in Season Mode.
- Fixed : transparent categories on archives
- Update : switch the tab colour state active/inactive

- Add news items to the bottom part of the main page in Multiplayer.
- Fixed : minimum number of player to create a game was sometimes different from player's settings.
- Chat update
- Fixed : add friend popup
- Confirm invitation with Enter.
- Add stage profile to the creation of a game.
- Activated rejoin launched games
- Ladder point score are now take in account even for players who leave a game before the end
- Fix bug where a player choosing for a team in lan mode could be frozen
- Add : events in the chat : join/leave/kick are now announced
- Add text to inform which team was chosen by a player

- Fixed : achievement title 'career' in Spanish
- Fixed : title for 'information' in tables.
- Update : minor changes in German and Italian localisations

- Fixed : Rider's status (in his information pop-up) was always displayed as "sprinter" on stage/race mode.
- Use Profile Name instead of asking for a new name for LAN games.
- Fixed : "Yellow Jersey" Achievements could be unlocked by winning a single stage of a Tour.
- Fixed a bug where you could not reload properly a saved-game if you manipulate the .cdb file manually from an user to another user.

- Add Rui Alberto Costa (Movistar Team)
- More past performances listed for continental races
- Several minor adjustments (rider's attributes)


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