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Patch 3.05 für Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland

Full Changelog from 3.04:
Game mechanics & Balance
- Fixed, so the reserve units does affect the threat (but with reduced impact by RESERVES_PENALTY_SIZE)
- Fixed surrendering factor formula, so it's (CoreStillControlledVPs / OwnedVPs).
- Fixed bug in scenario mode - expeditionary forces from countries that are not enabled for scenario did not regain their organisation.
- When the war is over, the political laws that does not met the current requirements, gets changed (for free) to the optimal one and a message notification appears about that.
- Fixed "Camera zoom to mouse pointer" bug, when interpolating between pacific date line.
- Fixed bug - Revolt next to low infra province that is an enemy, was changing controller back and forth every day.
- Fixed bug - it was impossible to build underground resistance, even if was at war and lost provinces.
- Now undergrounds are removed when the province is (re)captured by the non-hostile country.
- fixed issue with CAGs not dying when at zero strength and being without base
- units without subunits are now properly removed when not reorganizing
- Fixed bug - Mobilised nations at peace, are unmobilised when game is saved and reloaded.
- Gulf of Chihli modifier checks for faction members holding the needed provinces too
- Fate of France nag event should fire only once
- Fixed strategic resources sharing, between countries that are at war.
- SCW start event gives cores to SPA
- First Vienna Award no longer gives POL anything
- War economy and Total economic mobilisation now grant 10%/25% more resources
- Fixed validating current laws that went insane
- Fixed acting capital location, so it goes back to original one, when the peace breaks out.
- Added feature - when TheatreHQ got destroyed, all units under hierarchy gets automatically reassigned to the new optimal TheatreHQ if created.
- subs now twice as hard to detect after convoy attacks
- if a nation with puppets surrender and you have no goal agaisn the puppets they become yours
- if a nation with puppets surrender and you have wargoals against the puppets they stop being puppets and you continue to be at war with them.
- party organization effects from spies now have less effect
- Peace is now possible when war between (faction member country [not a leader]) vs (non faction member country) and there is no war with the faction leader.
- added prepare_for_war decision for small nations to lower their neutrality
- Doubled time and cost of underground bases
- aquire all cores wargoal now properly selectable
- neutrality modifier from unclaimed cores now only trigger vs the country who has your cores
- larger hull size now make disengaging from combat more difficult in naval combat
- sub surprise chance now up 5%
- ships take more strength damage from combat
- rebalanced naval stacking penalties
- Fixed Finland Winter War concessions
- trade now cost less diplomatic influence
- rebalanced hull values & related techs of ships
- transports have bit more hull
- Full Mobilisation and war economy requires a bit lower neutrality for democracies
- German Destiny decision now gives boosts to hard/soft attack
- greenland new continent to handle peace with iceland better (although not in interfaces etc)
- Axis faction goals now have more pacific aims by default
- Added German text for declare limited war
- Added decision for SOV to remove their disorganised officer modifier
- Cannot enact prepare for war if a government in exile
- increased base cap on ports
- threat impact of unit deployment lowered (particularly reserves)
- strategic resources from people not in your faction but within close enough alignment are only shared at war times to stop early buildup exploits.
- SOV restore officer corps decision can also be done if FIN is a puppet
- Fixed bug with autodeployment airplanes to specific theatres.
- Fixed bug about convoys being automaticly created, even when there is no resources produced in specified area but money.
- Disabled possibility to upgrade units in scenario mode.
- Fixed exploit glitch - it was possible to assign another order, when current order cannot be cancelled. (org decrease when rebasing exploit).
- increased polish neutrality at start of game
- Fixed paradrop mission so it doesn't takeoff when not ready yet (org/str too low).
- Fixed incorrect experience of pride of the fleet.
- ally calling cost less influence
- Rodina no longer boosts leader defence
- unlimited national emergency triggers from YUG being beated or ENG having lost VPs
- Germany can enact Destiny even if at war with USA now
- Fixed provinces clipping, when camera is at max zoom out.
- Fixed bug about the convoy that was shipping the resources from non-existing anymore Ethiopia.
- Fin has a new event 'the white death' to help with defense a bit during winter war

- Fixed tooltip message in unit view, that every unit got message "not allowed to move" which was not true.
- Fixed general tooltip message, that always said that "the unit is too disorganised to move".
- Now, opening theatre view while there is some theatre selected on the map, it gets selected in the view as default.
- Fixed airplane construction page, so it has a column with "land defence" instead of "sea defence".
- Fixed bug in editbox (entering unit name). Dot '.' was also triggering DEL key, causing malfunction in text input.
- Battlecruizer mesh has been reverted, because it wasn't rendered at all.
- Fixed GUI bug - sliders goes to front over the event window when in technology or production view.
- Corrected typo in "Fleet Concentration"
- Added text for REB_CAG_MISSION_DESC, which is a copy of REBASE_CAG_MISSION_DESC, to fix missing text.
- Fixed continuation_war text
- Fixed GUI bug - mounting multiple units onto the navy transport, causes gui corruption in unit view.
- Fixed subunit speed display precision.
- added possibility to select multiple units by holding SHIFT and pressing SELECT at the "selected units list" panel.
- dissent only displayed with one decimal when large
- in air mapmode selecting units highlights their range indicators and dims others which makes it work much better when there is a lot of air bases
- Fixed black gaps over the invalid lake provinces in scenarios.
- added text for prepare_for_war
- added text for acquire_all_cores
- fixed some german localisation errors
- Fixed bug, when app in window mode, and mouse is outside the window while window not focused, the provinces tooltip was showing info about provinces that are outside of the view frustum.
- Fixed unit speed tooltip, so it shows actual speed per total max speed, only if actual speed is affected by some penalty.
- Fixed message display when prompted for aligning toward faction (showed "-1" instead of "unlimited period" ).
- Fixed bug - when align toward some faction, the temporary modifier appears multiple times on the list
- Fixed the reason for the camera frustum clipping with provinces, when it's at the max zoom out.
- Fixed missing glyph int the "karta" font that caused corrupted country names, in German language.
- Province view, shows 0 infra-bars on provinces that has not enough intel
- Fixed GUI glitch - when switching between the top button pages, the outliner cross "+" was blinking.
- Fixed message formatting for naval battle, so it's more clean now.
- Fixed combat listbox-element that overlapps the CAGs in the single-unit-view panel, if there is more then 3 of them.
- fixed translation of theatres in german
- Fixed deployment window bug - got stuck on target HQ's when deploying last-but-one unit.
- German text added
- Fixed minor GUI glitch, in technology view the magnify glass icon get overlapped by confirm icon when AI-controll and time unpaused.
- peace regions will have a (*) after their name in region mapmode tooltips

Stability & Performance
- Fixed CTD when playing multiplayer, and pressing on allied country (controlled by another player) in theatre view.
- Fixed CTD, when whole poland filled with undergrounds, and spawning partisans all at once.
- fixed crash when claiming all of a country through area wargoals
- Fixed CTD when doing a full revolt, when all provinces of ocupied country has underground bases.
- Fixed corrupted events when loading savegame in scenario mode.
- Fixed potential CTD according to new unit-multi-selection with SHIFT key feature.
- optimized convoy attack code
- fixed potential crash when aborting invasion plans
- small optimization: trees are now only refreshed in mapmodes containing trees
- fixed crash issue on autosaving when units loaded on planes had not been properly removed
- fixed a random crash issue when US went to war after unlocking undeclared war zones
- Fixed a bug in the Allow Debt score causing the AI to go into a loop
- fixed a rare crash issue when removing a unit without sprite
- fixed syntax problem in unthinkable scenario
- Fixed bug - getting money from nowhere when save and reload.

AI Improvements
- Sikian ai should no longer align to axis when at war with japan.
- ai wont use party boosting on random countries it isn't hostile to
- German AI should now be happy with the bitter peace and not go for more of soviet land later
- UK/USA will monitor more middle east countries so they do not shift
- SIK will no longer align itself with the axis but instead the allies
- Reworked how the AI stockpiles supplies a bit
- Tibet will never give anyone military access.
- Warlords will no longer give Japan military access.
- Yugoslavia/Greece will start leaning toward the Allies if Italy goes to war with the UK
- CHI, CXB, CSX, SIK, CGX, CHC has had their tech research and production fine tuned
- Production issue fix if special forces was marked as 0 it will now build none
- Soviet AI tech research and production fine tuned for early years to focus on land
- Japan had research and production fine tuned
- Fixed a bug where fort size being built by the AI would be larger than specified in the LUA file
- Fixed a bug in the Diplomacy Chinese AI where it would cause a LUA error
- After Japan gets Siam in the war they will no longer influence anyone
- UK and USA have ASW tech added to prefer list.
- Italy and Germany added ASW tech to ignore list.
- Garrison unit builds will not have Engineers or Rocket Artillery attached to them
- Manchuria has had its research narrowed down and builds just like the warlords
- Made another minor adjustmetns to the Supply slider AI so it wont fluctuate so heavily.
- Adjusted Germanies build ratios a little based on Siegfried line being finished.
- Germany will build a bit more infantry and garrison units.
- AI officer ratio gets to low it will move all the Spy allocations to NCO production
- AI has enough diplomats and NCO ratio to low it will shift them to NCO instead of Research
- AI will cancel military access if relations get to low
- AI will cancel Allow Debt if relations get to low
- Redesigned Military Access hooks (condensed down to one call)
- Yugoslavia should no longer offer Italy military access right at the start of 1936 scenario
- Sweden will be more open minded to give Germany military access if allied with Finland and Norway is involved
- Removed code in the German LUA to Demand Military access that was not doing anything.
- Germany should mobilize a few weeks before invasion of Poland (roughly 3 weeks prior)
- Germany will no longer invade Norway till the fight for France starts
- Rewrote how Germany DOWs countries to perform better
- Germany should invade Yugoslavia and Greece now if not in the Axis and they have a border
- China/Warlords had their land doctrinces prios focused more
- Siam had their research and production focused like the Warlords
- UK will build less land units from 1936 to 1938 if at peace and focus more on air power
- Changed production hooks that are dependent on Core Provinces to always fire
- Underground base moved to the top of the production loop so the AI will build more
- Soviets will build lots of industry early years in the Urals region
- Added a new overide for structures that lets you execute country specific code and the generic code both
- Germany will produce less transports
- Fixed an issue if Germany annexed France (instead of Vichy) it would not DOW Russia
- Denmark will focus on building a fleet more than an army
- Luxemburg should no longer build a large army and use all its mp
- UK will build less land units in the early years and allot more ships and air
- Italy will build more ships
- Soviets will build EVEN MORE industry
- AI will cut down on land units if manpower is running short
- Germany will never build an Underground
- Production AI optimized and done like Tech AI.
- Potential catch to prevent the AI from overbuild over Manpower caps.
- Germany will not DOW Norway if he has less than 5 transports
- Major powers convoy buffer will try and maintain either 20% or 20 whichever is larger
- Germany will be more careful when calling in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria in as allies.
- Germany will build lots of infantry in the early years then switch to more armor etc..
- USA will DOW Vichy if they are part of the allies
- ai will not do invasions if currently planning attack on neighbor to get a better handle on number of troops
- fixed an issue where invasion size was calculated incorrectly and you couldnt get enough troops
- FIN will now garrison its borders sanely vs SOV and not fear norway
- GER ai now allowed to start planning barbarossa a month earlier
- GER ai wont attempt sealions before feeling secure about the soviet threat
- ai's ready for war checks now have a time limiter on 6 months. if we are not done by then we will consider doing a riskier attack
- fixed issue with YUG giving ITA military access on day one
- tweaked ai evaluation of forts when defending
- some extra hidden gems you will have to find while playing :P

Database Changes
- Updated to include changes from community map project
- Removed JAP's ships under construction in Southern Conquests
- Tarapoto, Yellowknife, and Great Bear lake have higher infra
- Removed 1579 and 1810 from polish_germany_region
- Changed some Bulgarian ministers
- fixed history file for province 3345
- fixed a region issue in russia where a province belonged to Canada.
- fixed issue with finnish '36 OOB where two one brigade units were combined to stop them being easily overrun in winter war
- Crete event in DF should remove 22nd Guards Brigade correctly
- Changed Maastricht from forest to wood
- Changed Den Haag from marsh to plain
- fixed unit positioning in Middelburg
- combined some very weak french units that were making the maginot defence a bit random
- Bartenstein and Goldap provinces belong to Soviet Union in Unthinkable
- FIN's new provinces enabled for Unthinkable
- Removed FIN_126 region from Unthinkable as it no longer exists
- GER starts with 140% officers in '36

- new NAVAL_INTERCEPTION_AFTER_ATTACK_FACTOR define to control detection chance after convoy attacks
- base cap on ports now moddable as NAVAL_BASE_EFFICIENCY

Patch 3.03
- fixed crash when opening Theater view
- fixed a performance issue when scrolling map by moving mouse to map edges
- fixed missing translation for fractured government modifier
- no auto-release of puppets in battle scenarios
- fixed flicker issue for on map buildings when moving camera
- game no longer crashes when rebuilding map cache
- fixed issue with heads of state being incorrectly selected on election
- fixed incorrect neutrality check on war declaration
- shift+f now opens Find Province dialog
- surrender progress trigger no longer shows 100x higher values
- fixed issue with coups being impossible to perform on many countries
- fixed issue with some countries not getting their wargoals fulfilled
- wargoals now sorted properly so the dominant faction executes theirs
first if same priority
- fixed issue returning controlled provinces when surrendering using a
mix of goals with on_completion effects and regular peace.
- fixed a shader issue when updating attack delay color on a debug directx build
- espionage view always reports correct popularity allocation no matter how many spies
- 632 is no longer a part of borneo region
- added missing provinces to bitter peace
- fixed various small text bugs
- arty has a 10% bonus vs forts rather than a penalty
- lowered SA/HA on NAV a little.
- FRA wargoal event should not fire in later scenarios
- Zombie Rommel no longer commands an armygroup in Battle of the Bulge
- Added modifiers for resource tooltips at topbar.
- Threat from spy actions is now 1/6th of the previous speed.
- Build speed modifiers now modify speed to build things, instead of IC cost.
- Reserve reinforcement extra cost scales with laws affecting mobilization size from 1 to 5.
- Cached variables are now reset when switching between bookmarks.


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