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Kostenlose Download-Erweiterung "Gladiators" für die deutsche Version von Starpoint Gemini

The DLC named "Gladiators" is free to all players. Mario Mihokovic, CEO from LGM Games says: "We feel there's no better way to thank all fans of Starpoint Gemini, Iceberg Interactive and Little Green Men for their tremendous support than offering a free add-on to the game and we hope gamers like this little gift called SPG Gladiators."

The Starpoint Gemini Gladiators DLC Features are:
• Four new ship designs add to the already large number of unique vessels
• 50 new special ship systems that can only be awarded for victories in Gladiators
• Outer Horizon, a new sector of Gemini where the special tournament is held
• Series of difficult combat situations like Free-for-all and Team fights
• Completely free-of-charge as a big thank you to everyone who supported us in developing and improving Starpoint Gemini


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