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Patch 1.04 für Driver: San Francisco

Patch 1.04 - List of changes:
- eventuelle Abstürze beim Eintritt in die Online-Lobby
- Kompatibilitätsprobleme mit den sozialen Features des Spiels unter Windows XP
- Unterbrechungen der Menü-Navigation bei speziellen Action-Sequenzen.

Patch 1.03 - List of changes:
1. Added support for Logitech G27 Steering Wheel.
2. Game now supports very high screen resolutions (up to 2560*1600).
3. Several menu control glitches fixed.
4. In some rare cases players may observe FPS stutter. This is now fixed.
5. Fixed an issue when the game was unable to locate player’s saves if his Uplay account contained ‘.’ (dot character).

Patch 1.02 - List of changes:
1. Uplay reward system fixed

Patch 1.01 - List of changes:
1. Fixed ALT+TAB feature: in some specific cases using ALT+TAB disrupt the normal game functionality.
2. Improved Online stability and performance on low end machines: rarely, in certain situations, the game becomes not stable or not synchronized during the Online sessions.
3. Improved Online stability on poor internet connection.
4. Offline mode: in some very specific gameplay choices the game becomes unresponsive. This will no longer happen.
5. Localization: several text strings now have proper translations and positions.
6. Menu/ HUD interface: fixed hint icons representation for the several localized keyboards.
7. Menus/HUD elements: added mouse sensitivity customization and a few previously missing controls.
8. Sound in the Online mode – in some specific cases sound becomes corrupted during the Online play.


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