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Lock On: Modern Air Combat - Patch #1 (deutsch)

This is the first patch for Lock On: Modern Air Combat and is designed to address many of the significant bugs identified with the initial release of the product. This patch is however not designed to fix all identified bugs. We plan to provide additional patch(es) that will address problems not fixed in this first patch.

Please note that due to several items being fixed in the patch, some of the training missions will not play back correctly now. If you wish to play all the training missions, we suggest that you only apply the patch after doing so. A training mission correction patch is planned.

--- Corrections List ---

Windows 98 and Windows ME support greatly improved. However, please note that users using these operating systems may encounter instability if they use the AWACS view (F10) and then cycle between the F1 and F2 views.

Track to AVI tool is now working correctly. AVI files will be saved in the Movies folder.

The damage model for the Su-33 has been corrected.

Corrected target loss problems for some air defense complexes such as S-300PS and Patriot.

HAWK and KUB SAM missiles will NOT fly into the ground shortly after launch, when engaging low-altitude targets.

Missiles fired by Perry-class ships will NOT fly into the sea shortly after launch, when engaging a low-altitude target.

Antiradar missiles cannot lock onto Strela SAMs because this system has no radar now.

Player can now not view Hide lists for a mission that has been classified.

Player can now change payload of his or her aircraft in Campaigns and classified Single Missions. This is only true for the player, not wingmen.

After exiting a training mission, the player now returns to the training mission selection screen.

External fuel tanks now add weight to the aircraft.

Corrected flight behavior of A-10 and Su-25 at low speed and AoA > 30. This fixes the odd flight behavior exhibited during a tail-slide maneuver.

Removed first delay in A-10 bomb dropping when ripple interval > 1.

Corrected jumps of general visibility in Meteo selection.

AI will now go out to less range (8 km) when re-engaging a target with bombs/CBUs.

AI will now pop up to 500 m when attacking with gun or rockets.

MiG-23 and MiG-27 will not destroy themselves when attacking with gun or rockets.

Corrected A-10A pitch ladder so that it will not climb as the aircraft rolls.

Reduced radar look-down range reduction for F-15C.

Removed A-10A TVV on HUD when it is inside CCIP or gun/rocket pipper.

Removed F-15C bank and steering indicator on HUD when in air-to-air mode.

Increased padlock field of view angles.

Corrected the lack of green radar zone triangle on Russian Head Down Display (HDD) when an AWACS is in the mission.

Adjusted the aircraft reaction to small rudder inputs.

S-3A and S-3R now will fold their wings during taxiing.

Player can now switch between cockpits of flyable aircraft (Alt-j).

NyMax (maximum G) has been increased up to 9G for Su-27, Su-33 and Mig-29.

New MiG-29S CAP payloads have been added.

AGM-65D and AGM-65K now indicate correct seeker type in payload screen.

Maximum range of AIM-120C and R-77 was increased to 50 km.

Reduced the effect of radar range reduction when flying at low altitudes.

AI will now engage with follow-on missile(s) if first has missed.

Corrected TrackIR centering problem and improved Enhanced mode support. NOTE: YOU MUST DISABLE COCKPIT MOUSE OPTION TO ENABLE TRACKIR!

Corrected probability of failures option. It is not always set to 0% now.

Skill is defaulted to “Player” when a flyable aircraft is selected.

Game no longer crashes is player presses F3 while the game is paused at the start of a mission.

"Fuel Low" indication is correct now for the A-10A.

Renamed "mi" to "nm" in labels.

Adjusted maximum radar range of some aircraft.

Set 150 shells for Mig-29 gun.

The wind direction dial now shows correct direction.

The R-27EM now has a semi-active radar seeker instead of an active radar seeker.

Chaff now works against semi-active seeker missiles.

Decreased effectiveness of chaff and flares against active and IR guided missiles.

Fixed crash game in Dinput8.dll on the Exit.

Fixed instability bug when saving stage of campaign.

Removed "Category" column from Debrief Event Log.

Players can now record voice-overs for Tracks.

Limited helicopter numbers from 1 – 10.

Fixed algorithm of finding course of routes in mission editor.

Fixed award white spaces in the Logbook for countries with less then 8 awards (e.g. Spain). You need to remove existing pilot, sorry.

Corrected wind-related flight effects for player and AI aircraft.

Corrected engine behavior after aerial refueling.

Corrected zero thrust phenomena in A-10 when flying at M>0.8.

Expanded range of R-60 in rear hemisphere.

Increased engine impulse for MICA missiles.

Values RCS for some planes and helicopters are adjusted.

Decreased maximum G for F-15C at low speed.

Corrected collisions for Mirage-2000 and, KAMAZ.

BANO, afterburner and other effects will not cast shadows now.

ECM was removed from MiG-25PS.

The F-117 has no chaffs or flares now.

Incorrect route saving from state restoring is fixed both for Human and AI.

AWACS-View is now working in saved state games.

Corrected keyboard-only pitch control. Disabled automatic return to the neutral position.

Disabled mouse speed scaling for TrackIR.

Host can now respawn in multiplayer.

Missile and gun accuracy is greatly increased in multiplayer.

nForce2 lag problems have been significantly reduced. However, if the game consists of six or more players, lag may be observed.

Fixed broken payload options "MK-84*2, LAU-61*2, AGM-65K*2" (A-10A, Task "CAS")

Keyboard/mouse speed values in the Config\View\View.cfg are now applicable for cockpit and for external views.

"Record Track, Play Track, Video Edit and Record AVI" are grayed in debriefing mode.

Set mouse axes as unlimited.

Increased the EOS view and lock ranges for Russian fighters.

Remade the air-to-air mode for Su-25. Can now fire missiles when EOS is damaged.

Added the caret sweep on F15C radar in TWS mode.

HOJ strobe should is always shown on VSD when jammer is active now.

Radar notch has been narrowed to a reduced radial velocity gate.

Antenna elevation control now works correctly after changing between search and short-range auto-acquisition modes in the F-15C.

Elevation scan zone has been widened.

Radar on Russian fighters now works correctly when EOS is turned off.

Gimbal limits of AGM-65 have been reduced to realistic limits.

Ground vehicles formation changes work correctly now.

Fixed bug that prevented clients from joining large file size missions (64kb).

Fixed bug that would crash game if player started an Internet game and pressed the aircraft icon (top / left corner of screen), before doing anything else.

Player can now jettison KMGU-2f and KMGU-2b containers.

External aircraft model is correct now when player has blown-off canopy.

Betty and radio voices are now correct in saved state missions.

--- New Features List ---

Added advanced check of connections in the LAN Game.

Added rocket's dispersion, except for S-24 and S-25.

New training processor remembers current airplane and task.

The visibility range of “Goal” targets has been increased.

Cockpit camera speed control commands are functional (Ctrl+Left Shift, Alt+Left Shift, Right Shift+Left Shift). Corresponding speed values in the Config\View\View.cfg are functional too.

Labels are much more configurable now (Config/View/View.cfg).

New text messages are now automatically shown at the top of the screen in multiplayer.

Added configurable cockpit camera default position to the Config\View\View.cfg.

Setting "ScreenNoise = true;" in Graphics.cfg enables film “graininess.”

--- Play Notes ---

Missile ranges. Players should understand that due to a variety of factors, actual missile ranges can be far less than maximum ranges stated in various media. Two large factors include:

1- Target aspect. If the target is flying towards you, your acceptable launch range will be far greater than a target flying away from your or perpendicular to you. When the target is flying towards you, the target is thus flying to the missile and greatly increasing the range at which the shot can first be taken. If however the target turns away after the shot is taken, the missile may not have the energy to reach the target. This is particularly true when taking a shot at long range.

2- Altitude. The altitude of you and the target can be a significant factor in range. At lower altitudes, the air is much thicker and induces a great amount of drag on the missile. After a few seconds missile of motor burn at launch, most air-to-air missiles coast the remaining distance to reach the target. If flying through the thick air of lower altitudes, the range at which the missile can reach is far shorter then when launched at high altitude. The difference between a shot taken at 5,000 feet and 30,000 feet is dramatic.

ECM effect. If flying the F-15C and trying to acquire a target on radar, this will be difficult if the target is employing Electronic Counter Measures (ECM). Please note that some aircraft and have internal jammers and not just ECM pods. If the target is employing ECM, you will likely not attain a radar track on the target until under 10 nm. The Russian ECM systems are very effective. To combat this, the F-15C can take advantage of the Home On Jam (HOJ) launch mode. This can be used with both the AIM-7 and AIM-120. Simply lock the TDC cursor on the jamming strobe on the VSD to lock. Once fired, the missile will automatically home in on the target as long as the ECM is active. This can be very effective.

--- Game Credit ---

The photographer for the loading screen of the F-15C on the stands is Erwin Ross.



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