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Der Patch bringt die US-Fassung des Echtzeit-Strategiespiels von Version v1.1.4 auf v1.1.5. Was durch das Update alles gefixt wird, erfahrt ihr unten.

Summary of Changes:

Some stability improvements added
Added a new Decals performance option.
Improved performance in several systems.
Fixed several possible networking and out-of-sync issues.
Several minor data bugs fixed.
Added several new scenario maps for skirmish/multiplayer.
No balance changes.

Details of Changes:


Tooltipping defense value now lists all of the unit's resistances
Fixed terrain transitions to give parent property in all cases.
Removed bogus hero moral modifier.
Fixed order of technologies in Ceyah Undead Barracks.
Altered Dylan's Robe artifact technology to apply to units.
Fixed flat water possible causing out-of-sync.
Fixed out-of-sync when one player fails to retrieve official map list.
Updated GDIPlus.dll
Improved Random Hero trigger to give faction-specific heroes.
Player stats are updated more frequently.
Decal toggle now appears under Video Options, helps framerate around cities.


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