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Erster Patch für die Multiplayer-Demo von Nexus - The Jupiter Incident. Das Update behebt Start-Probleme mit Windows 98, verbessert Gameplay-Bugs und sonstige Absurz-Ursachen.

Download: Mehrspielerdemo (114,7 MB)

Update 1 - October 28, 2004


- Fixed the startup crash on Windows 98.
- Fixed a crash bug that occured after clicking the Quit button on the Lobby screen.
- Fixed a crash related to the Corvette ship class.
- Fixed a bug that caused all the asteroids initially grouped in the middle of the scene in the case of high pings. If the update is not installed on the server's machine, the bug will occure for all clients.
- Fixed some annoyances related to chat line editing.
- Fixed the internet voice connection bug.
- Fixed a bug that allowed a ship overinstalled with bomber squadrons in the case of high pings.


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