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Patch für Joint Operations auf die Version 1.4.17.

1.4.17 Stabilized emplaced weapons on vehicles
1.4.17 New ways to spawn *‘SPACE’ now spawns the player at the active defense point *X’ now spawns the player at the rear base
1.4.17 Added permanent death
1.4.17 3rd person camera for drivers
1.4.17 New chat system > Chat keys again: ‘T’ - Local, ‘Ctrl+T’ - Global, ‘Y’ - Team, ‘Ctrl+Y’ - Squad Chat, ‘U’ - Vehicle Chat, ‘ENTER’ – Chat, ‘’ - Chat Cycle
1.4.17 Handbrakes on vehicles
1.4.17 Rain and overcast weather effects
1.4.17 Sniper scopes no longer zoom
1.4.17 Sniper muzzle effects increased
1.4.17 Changed the player loadout around *Rifleman can no longer carry the AT-4, and gains Satchel charges *Engineers can now carry the AT-4, and no longer carry the satchel charge *Gunners now get claymores
1.4.17 New win/lose messages
1.4.17 Network improvements over vehicle crash sequences
1.4.17 Changed the Stryker and BTR weapon views Made more optimizations to network code New updater. Added greater support for NILE generated missions Fixed a bug in Co-Op mission White Noise so it can be completed. Added two sliders for Pixel Shaders and Texture Compression in the video options screen. Players with lower end systems will want to work with these settings to improve framerates. Fixed collision issues with several assets. Major performance increase in low to middle end machines. NILE compatibility added. Support for DirectX9.0C added. End game scoring issues addressed. Emplaced weapons respawn issues addressed. Player revival issues addressed. Attached vehicle death issues addressed. System performance optimizations including AGP and CPU. Fixed mouse movement when player is sighted. Added a smaller wedge to incoming sniper shots (Able to find snipers easier) Added optimizations to player models. Fixed several map bugs. Fixed bug with ATVs not being able to exit the water correctly. Fixed bug that caused certain vehicle spawn points to spawn way too many vehicles. Fixed bug in vehicle re-spawning that caused them to face the incorrect direction Added more filters to the game list in the NovaWorld menu. Added a filter to the menu screen so servers that are not compatible are grayed out and unable to join them. Fix made to stop emplaced weapons from detaching from vehicles Fix made for players being punted out of Co-Op. Fix added for several system crashes. Goals now transmit in Co-Op mode. Hit your Goals key to see them (defaults to G) Got letters of enemy command points to display on respawn screen Medic revives now work in Co-Op. Waypoints now work correctly in Co-Op. They now auto-advance when users get within the waypoint area. Added a command line command to allow the users to host without running the system test. Add a “/serveonly” to the end of the “Target” window in the Joint Ops shortcut to enable a serve only build. Added a “distance to” in meters on the outside of the spin map for command points off the spin map. Added in files that did not ship with the game that can be used for user created maps, in anticipation of the mission editor being released in the near future. Added a new large map to the “M” key. Changed the player’s square color while attached to vehicle. (Now has a white “X” on it) Added a death animation when users hit CTRL+R. Users can now double click the NW menu to join a game, instead of having to click “Join”.


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