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Spielbare Demo zum 3rd-Person-Action-Adventure Dragons Lair III. Die Demo enthält das Dragon Wings-Level.

Dragons Lair III Demo

Thank you for downloading the Dragons Lair III Demo! You can purchase
the full version of Dragon`s Lair 3 online NOW! What you get is an
all-new Dragons Lair based on 3D rendered characters with a mix of
rooms from the original Dragons Lair arcade release and completely new
rooms. Much effort has been spent bringing together the 3D graphics
with the controls of the classic Dragons Lair laserdisc arcade game.
We hope you enjoy this new blend of both the old and the new.

Running the Game 3
The Object 3
Playing the Game 3
Dragons Lair Controls 5
Pause/Unpause 5
Mute/Unmute 5
Normal Window 5
Double-Size Window 5
Full Screen 5
Start Game 6
Stop Game 6
Full Screen Start
Playing Deaths Only
Credits 7

The Object

You, Dirk the Daring, are on a quest to rescue the fair Princess
Daphne who has been kidnapped again and is being held captive by the
Evil Wizard Mordroc. To do this, you must survive a perilous journey
and defeat all of your adversaries. Make your way through the castle
and caverns by using your keyboard to move and wield your sword or
crossbow. Beware of your foes as they are numerous!

Playing the Game

You can control Dirk by using the cursor keys and space bar as UP,
DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and SWORD. On the keyboard, use either the regular
cursor keys or the cursor keys on the numeric keypad if the "NumLock"
is off. Use the Space Bar for Sword.
When playing the game, remember that you control the actions
to the events that unfold throughout the game. You don`t directly
control the character`s movement but rather you must make the correct
moves at the appropriate time to survive the scene. This means, for
example, that just pressing "Left" doesn`t necessarily mean the
character will move left.

When the demo scene begins, you will have to wait for the right time
to make the first move. Yellows flashes will tell you that a move is
about to occur and give you a hint on what key to press. If the flash
occurs to the left of the character, it is very likely that the move
is left. When a flash occurs on an enemy, the move is usually sword.
(SPACEBAR) If you continually die on the first move, you are not
making the correct move, or you are not making the move at the correct
time. Try pressing the correct first move repeatedly as soon as the
game begins. At first you will hear "Bad Move Beeps" (low pitch) until
it becomes the correct time for the move to be made, at which time
you`ll hear a "Good Move Beep" (high pitch) meaning the correct move
has been made and it is accepted.
If you find that you are continually dying at a certain
point in the game, then you must make a move just before this point.
You can try all of the five combinations (Up, Down, Left, Right,
Sword) and one of them will work. Sometimes the timing is tricky with
several moves close together but if you watch the video closely and
listen for "Good Beeps" then you notice when you`ve passed one move
and need to make the next move.

The Demo scene is called "Dragon Wings". You must trek your way
through the falling platforms to get the Dragon Wings. There are
three different colored platforms; two of which will drop during a
timed sequence. You must advance towards the end, staying on the
platforms that do not fall. The first move is `UP` when you see the
yellow flash, press `UP`. The second move is `LEFT` when you see the
flash to the left press `LEFT`. Good luck!

Dragons Lair Controls

Pause/Unpause (P)

This menu selection allows you to pause and unpause your game while
playing. You can also press P.

Mute/Unmute (M)

This menu selection allows you to mute and unmute the sound. You can
also press M.

Normal Window

This menu selection sets the window to its default size.

Double-Size Window

This menu selection sets the window to twice its default size.

Full Screen (F)

This menu selection stretches the window to the exact size of the
monitor. You can also toggle full screen mode by pressing F.

Start Game

This menu selection starts the game. Press the SPACEBAR when the
introduction video is playing to skip to the beginning of the game.

Stop Game

This menu selection stops the current game. Stopping the game will
immediately end game play and return you to the title screen.

Full Screen Start

You can start Dragons Lair III Demo in full screen by
launching the game from a DOS command line or Start>Run and adding /f
after the program name, for example: C:\DL3\DLair3 /f. This allows
the game to be played without ever having to use the mouse.

Playing Deaths Only

If the game plays only the death sequences, you have an
incompatible video codec in your computer. You can try using the
/deaths switch and this may solve the problem (ie. C:\DL3\DLair3
/fdeaths). If this doesnt help, youll need to use Add/Remove Programs
within the Control Panels to find any third-party video codecs that
are installed in your computer and try uninstalling them.


Dragon`s Lair III is also available for DVD-Video (for DVD
movie players but fully interactive). The DVD release contains the
entire game, plus hours of extras, including making of documentaries
and the Dragons Lair III Soundtrack.


Digital Leisure:

David Foster

Paul Gold

Majid Charania

Brian Kayfitz
Second Editor

Dragons Lair LLC:

Rick Dyer

Kate Bernd

Dustin Gannon

Digital Leisure Inc.
33 Cedar Ridge Road
Gormley, Ontario
Canada L0H 1G0


johndoe-freename-73046 schrieb am
Kann mir einer sagen, ob die gut ist???
Ich hab keinen bock, die runter zu laden, zu insallieren und dann zu merken, das sie doch eigentlich bullshit ist,um sie dann wieder zu deinstallieren! Danke
AnonymousPHPBB3 schrieb am
<P>Spielbare Demo zum 3rd-Person-Action-Adventure Dragons Lair III. Die Demo enthält das Dragon Wings-Level.</P><P>Dragons Lair III Demo</P><P>Thank you for downloading the Dragons Lair III Demo! You can purchase<BR>the full version of Dragon`s Lair 3 online NOW! What you get is an<BR>all-new Dragons Lair based on 3D rendered characters with a mix of<BR>rooms from the original Dragons Lair arcade ...<br><br>Hier geht es zum Download: <a href="http://www.4players.de/rendersite.php?L ... OADID=7610" target="_blank">Dragon?s Lair 3 - Demo #1</a>
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