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Umfangreiche Teamplay-Modifikation für Call of Duty. Kompletter Installer von Heat of Battle v0.40, d.h. keine vorherige Mod-Version wird benötigt.

V0.40 Changes:
- End of the Round stats fixed to update kills and ratios correctly.
- Spawn Protection bug fixed, should work 100% of time now.

Code changes:
- Mobile MG code added.
- New Squad System implemented (Accessible through Voice Comm menu).
- Voice Comm menu integrated with Squad System.
- Progressive Spawning support for maps added.
- Linear Capping progression code for maps added.
Graphics changes:
- Deployment Icon shows when a mobile mg weapon is at a deployable surface.
- New HuD Icons.
- New Sniper Reticle.
- Custom Connection Screen added.
Sounds changes:
- New Ambience Sound included for mapping.
- Players now hear pain sounds when you shoot people or get shot.
- Capture confirmation sound implemented for Allies.
- Sound aliases for various sounds updated to fade with distance.
Weapons changes:
- Fully functioning Deployable BAR added.
- American and British grenades now have an alternate fire-mode. (Alternate mode starts the fuse AFTER the grenade is thrown)
- Grenades for all nationalities tweaked to more realistic values and effects.
- All bolt-action rifles now go out of iron sights when rechambering.
- Sniper rifles now do same damage as bolt-action rifles.
- Greaser hip/ads accuracy values adjusted.
- Thompson hip accuracy values adjusted.
- Weapon location damage table updated for head and neck shots.

-HoB_Village by Giovanni; Polished and overhauled by Mojambo
-HoB_Dawnville by Infinity Ward; Converted by Giovanni
-HoB_RailSpike by Wade Wilson
-HoB_Occupied by Wade Wilson
-HoB_Grand_Central by BigBoyG
-HoB_Second_Coming by BigBoyG
-HoB_Enterrez by BigBoyG
-HoB_Isolation by BigBoyG
-HoB_CR44 by Lunt

**-Change Log
V0.32 Changes:
- Fixed the manner in which shellshock was being used to reduce problems caused for some users.
- Fixed an issue that was causing servers to not be able to change the Friendly Fire setting to Off or Reflective
- Fixed an issue where after a round ended due to timelimit, the game would say "Axis/Allies Win" regardless of which team had the higher point total
- Fixed an exploit where players could get around class limits
- Fixed an issue where servers were not logging the Players GUID on Player Connect
- Fixed scr_hob_timelimit not working correctly. You can now also update the timelimit of the map dynamically by simply changing the CVAR. The timer will reflect the change.
- Fixed two errant sound references that were causing problems for some people on connection.

- You can now toggle if a weapon only drops with what ammo was left in the gun when it was dropped [no extra clips]. This is defaulted to ON.
- Added the scr_hob_timelimit CVAR in, this now controls how long a map will run before changing to the next map. Default is 30 minutes.
- Added the CVAR scr_hob_nadeshock. This controls whether players can get shellshock from grenades.
- Added the CVAR scr_hob_bulletshock. This controls whether players can get shellshock from bullet-hits.
- Added the CVAR scr_hob_weaponpickup. This controls weapons dropping when players die. 1 is default, 0 means no weapons will be dropped.
- Added the CVAR scr_hob_autobalanceteams. This controls whether a player can join their chosen team depending on if the teams are uneven or not. 0 is default, 1 will turn the checking on.


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