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Deutscher Patch für UFO: Aftermath auf Version 1.4.

UFO: Aftermath patch 1.4 (German version only!)

The v1.4 patch fixes the following issues:

* The game does not crash in the last mission when the mind-control is used
* The target areas in pilot rescue missions are fixed (this bug was introduced
in ver 1.3)
* The impassable corridors in UFO missions are fixed (this bug was introduced
in ver 1.3)
* A huge slow-down that occurred in certain outdoor missions was fixed

The v1.3 patch fixes the following issues:

* More variable statistics of the enemies
* The Reticulans Stealth and Observation is decreased.
* Enable sounds for non-player units when they are hit or die.
* Fixed some animation problems.
* Collapsible weapons can deployed by kneeling:
Order the soldier with collapsible weapon to kneel down (it was not
possible as he carries a heavy armour) and he will deploy the weapon. You can
then order him to attack as you see fit.
* Saved games in Save/Load dialogue are ordered by real-world date
* The mind-control can be canceled by pressing Ctrl+C
* The target area can always be reached in outdoor missions
* Some weapon stats are modified
* Fixed pseudo-random crash-bug in strategic game, plus various minor
* Added support for modding tools.
* Fixed problems with Matrox Parhelia videocard

The v1.2 patch fixes the following issues:

System issues:

* Various problems with saved game fixed, loading the game is speeded up and
the size of the save folder does not grow uncontrollably
* Game difficulty can be seen in the Game screen
* Cube-mapped textures fixed

In-Game bugs:
* Crash-bug with certain configuration of borders fixed
* Crash-bug with picking-up equipment on the current square fixed
* Biomass growth does not stop occasionally
* Mission urgency is displayed correctly on the loading screen
* The Alien Power Cell prerequisite can be gained
* Various interface problems are fixed
* Various errors in localization files are fixed (text edit)
* Various errors with in-game graphics are fixed

System improvements:
* Gamma correction slider added to Launcher
* Game should now run on Matrox and SiS video cards

Game improvements:
* Paralyzed unit cannot spot enemy
* Door can be destroyed by explosion
* Healing order does not require the units to stand side by side
* The Squad window opens when a mission is accepted
* The soldiers left behind in the first part of a two-phase mission are not
lost even if not all enemies were eliminated beforehand
* A hint about opening doors added to tutorial mission
* A newly captured base in Biomass is set to Anti-biomass by default if that
technology is available
* Fairer awarding of experience points
* Weapon statistics adjusted: hybrid warp weapons are stronger, human rocket
launcher have slightly increased range, alien lasers are slightly weaker, human
laser weapons are little bit better, and other minor adjustments
* Some transgenant statistics are adjusted

Patch 1.2 already includes patch 1.1a (English version 1.0 only!)

The v1.1a patch fixes the following issues:

* The slowdown in strategic game when Biomass grows too much
* Some problems with Directors cut feature
* Localization problems (text edit)
* Tooltips and other interface problems
* Combat messages from players unit in tactical game
* Unlimited alien batteries


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