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Highlights of patch 1.01 include many small fixes.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed network disconnections which occurred on certain hardware configurations

- Joining a LAN game would sometime not work properly on certain hardware

- Improved game recovery after a disconnection.

- Keys would be mixed-up in the chat box when quitting to lobby

- Rare random crashes during loading in Coop missions

- Incorrect player name shown in the pause menu and/or chat history (COOP, LAN
and online)

- Crash related with mouse wheel in interaction menu

- Crash when right-clicking a player already in your friend list

- Invalid map name in the session description field

- Bug preventing profiles with spaces to reload after a new map

- Bug that loaded default profile after playing Coop

- Fixed locking in the connection process if a user activated the Online Play
CD-Key and disconnected right after

- Minor fixes in menus

General Improvements

- The Joysticks.ini configuration file has been moved from the game system
directory to the Profile folder to allow Limited User Access users (eg. users
that do not have administrative rights on the computer) to play the game.

- Added instructions regarding CD key entry for online gaming


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