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Patch 4.01 für die Stand-Alone-Version von Pacific Fighters. Das Update auf Version 3.03 wird benötigt. Den Patch für die Merged Version (FB+AEP+PF) findet ihr hier.

Flight Model

4.01 introduces the next generation pre-Battle of Britain Flight Model (FM). In this add-on we are introducing a part of the FM from our next simulation (BoB) for worldwide open beta test in our current engine. Flight model in the version 4.01 has already been extensively tested by nearly 40 real pilots from around the world and we received very positive feedback.

It is likely that some people may have a problem in their first attempts to fly with the new flight model, especially with take-offs and landings when FM is set to ‘realistic’. However, once you understand the differences and get used to it, everything will fall into place. We would like to point out that the new FM will take more system resources to run, especially when many aircraft are in the air at the same time. It doesn’t matter if it is human or AI, because our AI pilots use the same FM!

New Aircraft

Flyable aircraft:
-Ki-100-I-Ko, 1945 *
-G4M1-11 Betty, 1941*
-Spitfire MK.Vc (2), 1941 - 2 cannons, RAAF, Pacific.*
-Spitfire MK.Vc (4), 1941 – 4 cannons, RAF, North Africa.
-Mustang MK.III, 1944 - RAF only, 25 Lbs (8l inches) engine boost, 642 km/h on Sea Level
-P-38L late, 1944 – 1720 hp engines.*
-Buffalo MK I.*

AI aircraft:
-Tempest MK.V, 1944
-G4M2E Betty, 1945*
-MXY7 Ohka, 1945*


-First Mustangs MK.III of RAF with 25 Lbs boost were used from April 1944. By the end of the war in Europe almost all if not all British P-51C were equipped with this type of boost. The main purpose of this aircraft was low altitude fighting and interception of V-1 rockets. There is no description in any war time documents about replacement of the boost indicator on these planes. Based on that we believe that indicator was the same, but actual pressure shown by indicator was limited by its scale.
-The P-38L with 1720 hp engines – about 2,000 aircraft of this type were produced and used on both European and Pacific theaters.
-Instruction on how to use the G4ME2+MXY7 tandem when building your single or coop online missions can be found in the original manual of your game (using the TB-3+I-16 method. However, the AI behavior of the Betty + Ohka link will be different).

New AI ground objects
-T-26 Early
-T-26 Late
-LT-40 MG - ( with Machine Gun)
-Karl-Gerät 040 Mortar
-7.62mm Maxim AA - (Anti-aircraft)
-Tatra OA-30
-Type 38 75mm Field*
-Type 91 105mm Howitzer*
-US Bulldozer*
-US Bus*

New static ground objects
-Target practice ring* Object 177
-Banner Small Red* Object 178
-Banner Small White* Object 179
-Banner Large Red* Object 180
-Banner Large White* Object 181
-V-2 Mobile Object 427
-V-2 Pad Object 428

New maps
-Murmansk - the city of Murmansk area,
-Singapore 1 - historical,*
-Singapore 2 - with additional non historical aircraft bases for the Japanese and Dutch air forces.

New clouds

The new patch introduces brand new clouds. In order to use them you must manually edit the conf.ini file located in your main game folder before launching the game. Open the file with a text editor, locate the [game] section and in the TypeClouds= line write in either 0 or 1, then save the file.
TypeClouds=0 - old clouds
TypeClouds=1 - new clouds

When playing online the player will see the cloud type set by the server, and not as individually set in their conf.ini. This is done to ensure all players see the same tactical situation in the air regardless of their settings.

New Dynamic Campaigns

Please check the campaign menu.

Specific plane features

NOTE: These features are only available at high realism setting.
-Switch supercharger speeds at 3,500 – 4,000 meters

Modifications and fixes

There is a large number of small modifications and fixes in the entire code of our simulation. We accumulated users input and fixed lots of little and big things in order to “polish” our simulation even better. We sincerely thank all our users that were so helpful in the process!

Special thanks to the third party creators of models and maps

-BA- 6: Vladimir Kochmarsky
-LT-35, LT-38, LT-40, LT-40MG, Tatra, V-2, V-2 mobile: Martin Kubani, Robo Ulbrik, Peter Ohnut
-Maxim, T-28, T-35: Alexey Stepashko
-Karl-Gerät: Szalai Viktor
-T-26: O.Krylov, Martin Kubani, Mongol
-?-26 with conical turret: O.Krylov, Hurri-Khan
-Singapore Map: Ilya Shevchenko, Oleg Rozhentsov
-Murmansk Map: Ian Boys, Oleg Rozhentsov, Roman Larintsev, Ville Pitkainen,
-Kurland Map: Ian Boys, Jörg Wiedemann, Oleg Rozhentsov, Christian Schulz, Daniel Roger

Known issues

-Kildin Island airbase - heavy AI planes should land from the east only. There are hills in the circuit when landing from the west that heavier aircraft cannot avoid.
-Kirkenes airbase - when landing large numbers (10+) of big AI planes some will disappear on the runway instead of taxiing and parking. This has no effect on mission results.

-On some graphics cards/drivers parts of Memel airbase can disappear at medium distances. At landing distances all is as it should be. The cause is unknown.
-Rail Bridge missing south of Mitau.

Both Maps:
-Seaplane bases have just one airbase icon in the FMB instead of two as in Pacific Fighters. This is correct.

New Map FAQ

Q. Why do you use German names in Kurland?
A. The region's towns often have separate German, Russian and Lithuanian or Latvian names. Many of those names only appeared after the war as borders changed or settlements got modern names. By sticking as far as possible to the German names we helped create a "period" feel and ensured a degree of consistency.

Q. On the Kurland winter map I can see the spaces between the airbase tiles and it's annoying.
A. Yes. On the Murmansk map we overlapped the tiles a bit and it causes some flickering but eliminates the spaces. It's one or the other and both have drawbacks.


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