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Inoffizieller Patch für Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines auf Version 1.7. Die Benutzung des Patches erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr.

This is an unofficial patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines by Troika Games. It is build upon Dan Upright's great unofficial oma patches, whose readme is included with some minor corrections added.

To install it extract this archive into your game folder keeping the directory structure intact and backup any files being overwritten if you want to remove it later.

This patch attempts to fix many bugs and improve other things but no guarantees are made, since not everything could be tested. It can be installed easily on top of the official 1.2 patch from Troika Games.

Confirmations of fixes marked with a "*" would be nice, also reports of any other problems, glitches and non-crashing bugs that have been missed up until now.

Tips and Tricks:
When using the console, be sure to activate it from the menu only. Before reinstalling the official 1.2 patch clean up the registry. If a container auto-closes right-click the objects to choose them. WMP sometimes changes sound files and prevents them from playing. Some feed victims stay in trance so don't bite quest related ones. Blood Shield stays on until exhausted or removed, this is no bug.

Not done (impossible?):
-Sometimes Beckett stays in his animal form when first meeting him.
-Game may hang on Beckett's "wait" cutscene, reload or use sewers.
-Nosferatu and Tremere havens do miss the food critic quest reward.
-In Mings hideout the bar may not move, just reload until it does.
-You'll have to crawl and jump in the Nosferatu lair to get around.
-The news report a bloodbath even if you just sneak-killed Johnny.

-Lessened the sway of zoomed weapons and balanced with magnification.
-Replaced some male hunters at the Leopold Society with female ones.
-Corrected bug that made it possible to get Ox's harvest quest twice.
-Restored original funny answers when not being able to read a tome.
-Fixed bug of Heather not appearing at the haven for female vampires.
-Restored original models for the low and high grade computer tomes.
-Made Yukie give you the Ra blade instead of taking it from Chastity.
-Corrected wrong name of the cafe and other locations and map names.
-Provided 1 xp for keeping Zhao alive and modified quest accordingly.
-Fixed feat conditions in Muddy bum dialogue and a missing variable.
-Awarded 1 xp for killing Bruno Giovanni and changed log accordingly.
-Corrected wrong subtitles speaker name for Vandal and other people.
-Restored many mistyped intimidate options and some answers to Pisha.

-All dialogues were spellchecked for typos and more by Paul Moloney.
-Several mistyped variables found could provide additional dialogues.
-Fixed variables in texts of Ash, Bertram, Boris, Venus and Mitnick.
-Corrected still not working Hitman quest fix and other related bugs.
-Adjusted damage values of Steyr Aug, SWAT rifle and Ithaca shotgun.
-Lowered lockpicking skill needed for chemical substances door to 10.
-Prevented triggering the building scene before getting Muddy quest.
-Made Model Citizen quest show failure directly after leaving Tawni.
-Cleared up the log texts of the Muddy quest and Pishas occult quest.
-Reconstructed lip-synchro for the misplaced Isaac text moved by Dan.
-Re-branded Uzi, Mac 10, Glock 17c, Ithaca and both Remingtons guns.
-Fixed double option with wrong link in the dialogue file of LaCroix.
-Renamed Purge to Blood Purge and spellchecked all other text files.

-Fixed Hitman quest bug that showed failure when making them friends.
-Awarded 1 xp for getting Imalia`s magazine to compensate money loss.
-Lowered award for rescueing Ash from the Society of Leopold to 1 xp.
-Adjusted knockback ranges for McLusky, SWAT rifle and the shotguns.
-Corrected some errors in Hitman quest log, dialogues and doll texts.
-Fixed bugs in the dialogue files of Ash and Velvet for extra lines.
-Corrected a bug that kept the Santa Monica haven active for Tremere.
-Provided 1 humanity point for not telling Hannah that Paul is dead.
-Modified the dialogue files of Damsel and Isaac to fix bad options.

-Repaired SWAT rifle crosshair and set damage similar to `Jamie Sue`.
-Made rifles and crossbows use single shots to fit reload animation.
-Barabus will not be in the Fu Syndicate anymore after you have left.
-Removed illogical placed flamethrower and Ra blade from Hollowbrook.
-Chastity will have the Ra blade and a crossbow can be found nearby.
-Put flaming crossbow, torch and flamethrower at the Leopold Society.
-Changed damage of blunt weapons to fists < arm < baton < bat < iron.
-Made CD quest available to all clans as Malkavian lines were there.
-Fixed Tawni and friend noticing you before accepting Imalia`s quest.
-Made vendors sell crossbow bolts with Tseng selling a crossbow too.
-Imalia`s magazine quest is now also available after her Tawni quest.

-After providing Romero with a sexy night he will give you his rifle.
-Removed Dan`s "Ginger Swan fix", because the quest was not updated.
-Isaac-Tzimisce dialogue line will disappear after quest is complete.
-Changed the inventory text of Jamie Sue, Bach`s rifle and Steyr Aug.
-Corrected some subtitles so the Hengeyokai surprise is not spoiled.
-Changed lots of subtitles so not every thug is called a Sabbat thug.
-Edited quest log texts of Necromantic to prevent misunderstandings.
-Corrected Isaac dialogue options so you can`t get the gift right on.
-Changed the strange "untie" lines in the Johansen dialogue options.
-Provided 2 xp for rescueing Ash from the Society of Leopold caverns.
-Made Bach drop rifle or sword on defeat, may remove teleport light.
-Removed Yukies untakeble sword and changed the dialogue accordingly.
-Modified some dialogue of Wong Ho in regard to the white haired man.
-Wong Ho and hostess will not be in the Red Dragon after he is gone.
-The White Cloud doors in Chinatown will be open from the beginning.
-Yukie will not appear before you visited the temple to fit her talk.
-The Hollowbrook Hotel cutscene will only happen if Heather is alive.

-fixed an indentation error in that was causing scripts to stop working

-included romero`s dialogue file, so the fix from v1.0 stands a better chance of working this time around

-patch now automated (and merged with leopatch) -> undone
-prince/beckett cutscene fix is back in
-fixed a typo in beckett`s dialogue that was breaking an auto-link (thanks to doug thompson)
-fixed beckett`s dialogue trailing off as you`re teleported into the ventrue lobby*
-fixed romero locking up if you`re a woman, you flirted with him and completed the zombie quest*
-fixed imalia`s newspaper from appearing when you fail the tawni quest*
-fixed the society of leopold crash with style and grace (meaning all clans should now transition unbugged to the correct landmark in la)
-undid a previous mess i`d made of gary`s poster quests - should work as originally intended now

fixed beckett trying to increase your scholarship when it`s already
at max (thanks to Executor for this and the similar fix in v0.8)*
updated fix for society of leopold exit crash (see leopatch0.3.rar)

removed the prince/beckett cutscene fix until a reported bug is
placed the sound file for a line of isaac`s dialogue in the correct
directory (had been incorrect since v0.1)
fixed beckett trying to increase your inspection feat and failing -
now increases investigation instead*

hunters won`t spawn if the courier is behind the fast buck in
hollywood - should stop people being killed during this cutscene
the highlight for imalia`s newspaper shouldn`t appear when the
newspaper isn`t there anymore*
shouldn`t be possible to get stuck in vv`s dialogue so that you
can`t take the chastity quest*
if you get the quest log entry for the igor quest from venus, igor
should be there*
the prince/beckett mini-cutscene/broken convo bug should be fixed
(i disabled the cutscene)*
updated fix for society of leopold exit crash (see leopatch0.2.rar)

if you try to use the locked computer in warrens4 without the
keycard, the keycard is highlighted if your inspection feat was too
low to highlight it automatically*
cleaned up brother kanker`s dialogue - shouldn`t get stuck in a loop
zygaena shouldn`t be in the red dragon after you`ve killed him
shouldn`t teleport to kingsway mansion after watching snuff film
with isaac*
shouldn`t be able to get stuck with vandal`s dialogue so he thinks
you`re on the replacing lily quest when you`re not
if you`ve already read about rolf toten on the krimeputer when you
find the bail bond, you don`t need to read about him again*
if you`ve already read about virgil crumb on the krimeputer when you
get the driver`s license, you don`t need to read about him again*
should no longer get a masquerade violation for convincing the
serial killer not to kill again*
should now get xp for completing the replacing lily quest*
relinked the xp award for finding lily`s items to the experience
fixed a logic error in beckett`s dialogue that resulted in "no valid
responses" when talking about disciplines*

if you`ve already read about ginger swan when you talk to the
courier, you shouldn`t need to go back and read again -> removed
bonus xp for completing warehouse quest without killing should now
be awarded even if you don`t make it to beckett before the timer
runs out*
fixed another incorrect gender reference in samantha`s dialogue

should no longer be able to get both rewards for the hitman quest in
chinatown -> corrected
bonus xp for completing warehouse quest without killing should be
isaac should now no longer refer to everyone as a toreador*
gargoyle quest completion lines should now stop reappearing before
you`ve been to king`s way, not just after*
isaac should give everyone a gift for completing the king`s way
fixed some responses to samantha in hollywood that were referring to
the player as the incorrect gender*

xp for killing bach and saving johansen in the leopold quest should
now be given*
when intimidating vandal, you should now get the free bloodpack*
fix for society of leopold exit crash (see leopatch0.1.rar)
added changelog.txt for those who want to know exactly what`s been
altered -> removed

the computer in the nocturne theatre being hackable for mitnick`s
quest before you`ve even met mitnick
mercurio giving morphine quest reward twice if you have morphine the
first time you meet him
skipping the tutorial now gives lockpicks, the .38 and 2 xp
food critic quest should now always give reward, only worked in v0.1
under very specific circumstances (if you`ve already completed this
quest, you`ll notice it become unfinished in your log - go to your
haven and type "tomSetQuestFour()" to complete it and get the reward)
dialogue option from asylum blood donor showing up for the
confessions blood donor when playing as a female

lily`s sire`s license plate not showing up in quest log
mercurio not selling the swat rifle
food critic quest not giving a reward
serial killer quest failing when persuading him not to kill again
isaac`s conversation not allowing anyone but toreadors to mention
the tzimisce
gargoyle quest completion lines constantly reappearing in isaac`s
dialogue line showing up twice when venus gives you money
melee attacks doing zero damage when breaking obfuscate level 1 or 2
with an attack
being able to tell strauss you solved his gargoyle problem even if
you didn`t know he had a gargoyle problem*
gary`s email quests for the posters sometimes not all appearing*

not fixing (not considered bugs):
heather goes to haven even if rejected -> intended behaviour
gary`s posters appearing at all havens -> intended behaviour
mitnick quest emails are disappearing -> intended behaviour
museum trip beams leaving door locked -> guard carries


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