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Patch für die Verkaufsversion von Dragonshard auf v1.1.4.
This patch addresses many issues in Dragonshard. Some of the more significant issues are outlined here:

- A few multiplayer desynch issues were fixed.
- A couple of multiplayer connection issues were fixed.
- Many interface tweaks and fixes were made.
- Fix for units getting stuck when trying to move.
- Cheat death no longer gives experience if the unit does not die.
- Charm and disintegrate spells now work on an entire squad.
- Fixed a lockup with Kael using Vorpal Dagger on a hydra.
- The Immolation for the Phoenix now properly shuts off after spell energy is exhausted. - Warforged Titan health reserve jumps to 85% (rather than 50%) when they get disabled.
- Fixed some issues with purchasing artifacts at the Campaign Reward Screen.
- Fixed miscellaneous population bugs.
- Fixed bug with units being knocked out of the Gelatinous Cube and immediately dying. - Fixed bug with saving skirmish games using alternate win modes.
- Improved functionality of the Wartorn Felldrake, especially with its Ram ability.
- Improved functionality of the Cryohydra and Pyrohydra, making them much more deadly.
- Fixed issue with lack of visibility in the Underworld when in Spectator mode.
- Improved timing for cinematic dialogue.
- Improved the balance of the missions.
- Added a timer bar for summoned units such as the Minotaur.


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