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Patch v1.03

 - Wake Island Map
Included a remade version of this popular BF1942 map. Battlefield 2 version includes a 64 player layout and is configured for multiplayer only.
 - Server Favorites / History
There is a new tab in the MULTIPLAYER menu that holds a list of the last 20 internet servers you have connected to, plus a list of servers you have selected as favorites.
* Added a button to the other multiplayer tabs that adds the currently highlighted server to your favorites list.
* Added buttons in the in-game server info menu (press TAB to access) that will add or remove the server you are currently playing on to / from your favorites list.
 - Account Login Welcome Screen
After you login to an online account, a message appears that contains BF2 news and information which updates periodically.
 - Stat Compare
By clicking the COMPARE button in BFHQ, you can search for another players name and load their current stats into BFHQ.  Using the arrow buttons next to the name in the top-left corner of the menu, you can toggle between your stats and their stats.
You can also load a player's stats by double-clicking on their name in any leaderboard.
 - Nickname Prefix
You can add a 6-character prefix (such as a clan tag) to your account nickname which will be displayed in-game next to your nametag in the score menu, in game messages, and above your player in the game world.
* This prefix does not change your account name or statistic information (e.g. the prefix does not appear next to your name on the leaderboards).
* You can change this prefix at any time at the account login menu.
 - Server Reserved Slots
You can define a list of player nicknames that will act as a "reservation list" for your server.
* The list is located in mods\bf2\settings\ReservedSlots.con
* You can add player names to the list by editing the file and adding the following text for each player :
                reservedSlots.addNick <account name>
where <account name> is the player's registered account name, not including a nickname prefix (see above).
* You can define the number of slots to set aside for reserved players in the dedicated server launcher, or with the setting sv.numReservedSlots <number> in your serverSettings.con file.
* The number of players on the list and the number of reserved slots does not necessarily have to be the same.
 - Mod Support
There are several new changes that improve support for mods.
* When connecting to a server that is running a mod that you have installed but not activated, it will be automatically activated and you will load into the server.
* Added a filter on the server browser for servers running the currently activated mod.
* Fixed dedicated server launcher to properly handle launching mods. 
* Improved support for mods sharing archives with bf2
 - Improvements to in-game HUD / Map
* The viewable area of the spawn menu / commander map is now scaled based on the out-of-bounds area so that only the playable area takes up the majority of viewable map space.
* The names of CPs are now displayed on the spawn menu / commander map and minimap
* The minimap zoom level now changes dynamically depending on the type of vehicle you are in.  If you zoom in or out manually, that zoom level is remembered for that vehicle type next time you use it.
* The names of players in your vehicle are displayed in the HUD when someone enters the vehicle or switches positions.
* There is a new element in vehicle HUDs that displays the reload time for countermeasures (smoke and flares).
* Flags for each team are now displayed below their ticket count on the minimap to make it easier to tell what team you are assigned to.

- Many criteria for ranks and awards have changed.  If you are immediately eligible for a new promotion, unlock, badge, award, or ribbon, it will be awarded the next time you receive points on a ranked server.
- Only 1 player in a vehicle will get credit for or speed up capturing a flag at a CP.  The other passengers must exit the vehicle to increase the speed of capture or receive capture score.
- Commanders no longer accrue a TK when artillery hits teammates. 
- The commander's supply drop now has an icon on the minimap and a 3D-map icon in the world.
- Auto team balance no longer moves players to the other team if they are a team commander or a squad leader.
- The wrench repair rate on helicopters has been decreased.
- You now receive 1 support point for destroying an enemy commander's artillery, UAV or Radar station.
- If you have received a point for healing, repairing, or resupplying a teammate, you will not receive another point from them for the same action for a set period of time.
- Singleplayer enemies use the knife more effectively.
- New engine sounds for the T98 tank.
- New engine sounds for the China/MEC light jeep.
- New cannon sounds on APCs.

- Fixed physics of vehicles against soldiers so that soldiers are not killed so easily by moving vehicles.
- Fixed a physics issue that can cause you to be stuck when falling into shallow water
- Fixed an issue with soldier armor when spawning on a squad leader in a vehicle
- Fixed some objects that caused vehicles to take massive collision damage
- Fixed erroneous message stating that you punished a TK when auto- punish is OFF on the server.
- When a vehicle explodes due to external forces, the driver is no longer mis-credited for the kills.
- Added turret movement sounds to several vehicles.
- Fixed an issue that caused crosshairs to stay on the screen when switching camera views.
- Fixed an issue that caused the time limit status of the server not to be sent to clients when it is changed by the server.
- Fixed server setting sv.allowExternalViews.  Setting this to 0 will disallow external views.
- Added setting for interfaceIP to the server launcher
- Changed automatic TK banning to ban by cd-key instead of IP address
- Improved the stability of secondary position turrets to reduce jerkiness during movement.
- Fixed spawning on squad leaders to prevent players from spawning where they should not.
- Fixed issue with auto team balance not sending new players to the team with less players.
- Set T90 top hatch armor to "Front Armor".
- Set some wheels on jets and helpcopters to stronger armor to prevent them from being destroyed instantly by AT missiles.
- Adjusted wheeled vehicle engines on hills to improve climbing.
- Changed the Commo-rose behavior so that player does not leave crouch when using it.
- Passwords entered to join password protected servers are now cleared after use.
- Improved PLAY NOW functionality.
- Fixed some memory usage issues in the front end.
- Fixed an issue allowing color changes in player name text.
- When you click on a server in the server browser, the information from that server is updated to be more accurate.
- Fixed a crash in the Ranked Linux server when communication with stats back-end ceased.
- Improved the behavior of AA missiles when locked on an enemy.
- Fixed an issue where parachuting soldiers could not be healed.
- Added the server port to the SERVER INFO tab.
- Removed the SERVER INFO tab when playing singleplayer
- Fixed an issue causing some soldier & vehicle control keys to be used for in-game menus.
- Added new soldier artwork in BFHQ
- Added name of video director to credits


johndoe-freename-88907 schrieb am
Also ich muss jetzt auch mal meckern.
Ich finde der Antitank ist viel zu schwach. ich brauche stellenweise 2 - manchmal sogar 3 Raketen für einen MTW, trotz volltreffer ins heck! Einer müsste ausreichen oder maximal 2!
Bei enem richtigen Panzer kann es schon mal vorkommen das ich alle 5 Raketen brauche- da frag ich mich doch!!!! Und glaubt mir ich kann damit umgehen und treffe bei jedem schuss! Dazu die extrem schwachlichen smgs- vor allem bei China kann man das ding ja wohl wegwerfen! Und welcher Soldat zieht bitte mit ner Pumpgun ins gefecht O_o
Der MI-8 von China und MEC ist dem BlackHawk immer noch total unterlegen. Der Soldat ist eindeutig zu stark und der Sanni ist auch der totale supersoldat. Die durchschlagskraft der M4 /AK ist genauso wie bei einem normalen soldaten. Dazu bekommt man nochmal punkte fuers wiederbeleben udn fuers heilen. Als PanzerabwehrS. bekommt ausser bei Flaggenerooberung oder Fahrerfertigkeiten keine Punkte- voll mies -.- Warum nicht Pro abgeschossenem Fahrzeug ein Punkt?! Dazu ist der doch da!Das G36 is auch extrem scheisse- wozu hab ich die waffe bitteschön freigeschaltet udn warum kann man beim Pionier kein SMG freischalten?! Was will ich bitteschön mit ner pumpgun O_o
Der versorgungssoldat brauch selbst mit dem freischaltbaren MG 100 Treffer bis einer mal tot umfällt.
Und was mir gestern mal wieder aufgefallen ist- es gibt vieeeel zu viele cheater - da sollte sich mal jemand n paar gedanken drum machen
Für Rechtschreib-, Grammatik- und Tippfehler haftet die Tastatur.
johndoe-freename-87004 schrieb am
wer Probleme mit der Meldung "ungültige CD Seriennummer" nach der Installation des 1.03 Patches hat, braucht die Datei: BF2CDKeyCheck.exe (vor dem patchen Datei suchen und kopieren,war bei mir nach dem Patch verschwunden), einfach Doppelklicken nach dem patchen. Hat jedenfalls bei mir funktioniert.
BF2-King schrieb am
Hey Gamer mit Kommentar über mir gehört der schluss des Kommentars mit dazu,diese Spezialzeichen?doch wohl nicht oder?
johndoe-freename-87022 schrieb am
ungültige seriennummer nach patch 1.03????
Nach Patch 1.03 CD-KEY INVALID beim connecten :
im Battlefield 2 Support ordner mit der Datei \"Battlefield 2_code.exe\" den key nochmal eingeben
Dann :
- patch setup starten - weiter
- sprache auswälen - weiter
- bereit zum instalieren - stop ( offen lassen )
dann unter windows -START , -AUSFÜHREN und hier \" %temp% \" eingeben , dann auf SUCHEN
und nach der datei \" BF2CDKeyCheck.exe \" suchen
Doppelkick auf die Datei und ihr habt keine probleme mehr <!-- / message --><!-- edit note -->
johndoe-freename-87033 schrieb am
Newben hat geschrieben:auch im abgesicherten modus kann ich den patch nicht installen...
er meint immernoch zu wenig speicher... er würde 1600 MB benötigen... hab aber 225 GB frei
weiss jemand was anderes?
auch hier wär mitdenken gefragt: wenn ein patch auf 1600mb besteht liegts wohl daran, dass er den platz zum entpacken braucht. hast du den platz auf der gamepartition bzw -platte über, will der patch wohl nicht in das spieleverzeichnis oder die spieleplatte entpacken sondern woanders hin... naheliegend wär da das systemlaufwerk, also die c platte ;-) also schaufel die 1600mb auf deiner c platte frei und schon kannst ohne der fehlermeldung installen :idea:
schrieb am