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Patch für Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising auf Version

Version Update TK - Awon Atoll has had an issue resolved, that used to allow players to receive zone time while not actually being in the zone. Multiplayer map TK - Awon Atoll has had its Hot-Zone resized to be enhance playability. Resolved a couple of issues associated with the commander's map and commander's map waypoints. Resolved an issue that occurred when joining some games late, would cause player to receive invalid attach points for attach points occupied by AI. Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause ammo types to be incorrectly displayed in the armory menu in Joint Operations: Escalation. Resolved an issue that was causing players' scores to reset when they died in COOP games. The "/serveonly" command will now render text on systems that have a video card without hardware texture and lighting. Control Point Takeovers (CP Takeovers) are once again being displayed in the end game stats. Updated multiplayer end game win screens to more accurately reflect wins and loses. There is now a server-side option for "hit feedback". This option defaults to on and is accessible from the game.cfg configurations file. AS - Karo Highlands had some vehicles flagged as the incorrect team. This has been remedied.


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