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Die spielbare Demo zum SciFi-Echtzeit-Strategiespiel PSI: Syberian Conflict enthält die erste Mission aus der menschlichen Kampagne und den vierten Auftrag aus dem Alien-Feldzug.

Welcome to PSI: Syberian Conflict. This manual should introduce you to the basic concepts and controls of the game.

1. System requirements

Requirements Minimum Recommended
OS Windows /2000/XP with DirectX9c Windows 2000/XP with DirectX9c
CPU Pentium III / Athlon 1.5 GHz Pentium IV 2GHz / Athlon XP
2000+ or better
RAM 320 MB 512 MB
CD-ROM Required (full version only) Required (full version only)
Disk space 600 MB 600 MB
Graphics card Only nVidia and ATI cards with
vertex and pixel shader support.
ATI Radeon 9000, 64 MB or nVidia
GeForce 3, 64 MB. nVidia GeForce
Only nVidia and ATI cards with
vertex and pixel shader support.
ATI Radeon 9600, 128 MB or
nVidia GeForce 5800, 128 MB.
Sound card DirectX 9c compatible sound card DirectX 9c compatible sound card
Controls Mouse and keyboard Mouse and keyboard

2. Game basics

In PSI: Syberian Conflict, just like in most other RTS games, you are controlling an army of units and fighting against enemy forces. There are two types of units: mass-produced drones and powerful heroes. Each hero is unique and possesses powerful special abilities. Each hero has different abilities. If your hero is killed in the battle, you usually can resurrect it, unless you loose your Unit Builder hero - Womb or Arsenal, in that case you loose.

Usually you start a game with a few units, so your primary objective is to increase their numbers. New units are produced by Unit Builder hero (Womb or Arsenal), but Unit Builder has to be fortified at bionode to begin production. So, locate nearest bionode and capture it using your initial forces. After bionode is captured and all nearby enemy units are destroyed, place Unit Builder hero at the bionode and order it to fortify. Once fortified Unit Builder hero can produce new units and resurrect fallen heroes provided you have sufficient resources. Main resource in the game is bioessence, which can be acquired by capturing and holding bionodes. If you control more bionodes, bioessence is accumulated faster. After collecting enough bioessence and building offensive army, proceed with your objectives, which are different for each mission.

One more important asset in the battle are anomalies. Some of them can be found scattered in the battlefield. These are single use anomalies. They are ready to be used as soon as you pick them, but after that they disappear. Other anomalies are located at bionodes. After you capture bionode, you get anomaly, located there. It becomes ready to use only after some time, after it recharges, but can be used multiple times - after each use it is discharged and must be allowed to slowly recharge.

As in real battlefield, it is very important to know, where your enemy is. In PSI: Syberian Conflict map is covered by fog of war, except locations, visible to your units. What makes PSI: Syberian Conflict to stand apart from other RTS games is directional vision and vision occlusion. Your units see much further in the direction they are facing. Also, their vision is blocked by hills, buildings and fences. So take care to place your scouts in such pattern, that no enemy could approach you unnoticed.


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