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Erster Patch für UFO: Aftershock auf Version 1.1.

• A dialogue appears when the game needs to be restarted in order for changes to take effect

• The equipment of hired soldiers is correctly localized
• The name of an enemy weapon is displayed correctly

Strategic game
• Crash when changing base defense level fixed
• Negative prerequisites in research tree are interpreted correctly
• Drone is properly resized when dragged in the Equipment screen
• All composed items have a default name
• Improved skipping actions in event scripts
• Research and Manufacture screen improved for more convenient control
• Icons and description in Glossary corrected
• A chance of a faction spontaneously offering a territory after successful help mission correspond to the diplomatic standing more
• Quicksave on Myrmecol works properly

Squad & Equipment
• Random disappearance of soldiers in Equipment screen fixed
• Correct 'operation' technologies are required for equipping certain weapons
• Issues with cyborg chipsets and cyborg implants fixed
• Issues with grenade launchers and incendiary grenades fixed
• Issues with psi detector fixed
• Drone autodestruction device works
• Skills can proceed beyond Superheroic level
• Repair kit doesn’t work on people
• Scout 3rd level training works correctly
• Changed stats for some weapons and equipments to improve balance of the game:
o Cyborg basic body is more effective
o Warp medikit, psi weapons and detectors are more effective
o Desert Eagle is more accurate
o Rocket radius is bigger
o Laser rifles can use single shot
o Spas 15 magazine size was rectified
o Brainman is more powerful

Tactical game
• Crash when completing some missions fixed
• Crash in certain Wargot mission fixed
• 'Pillar of Death' name displayed correctly
• 'Pillar of Death' is placed correctly
• The impact of armor on damage calculation fixed
• Units do not talk when confused or otherwise incapacitated
• Total injuries in debriefing corrected (does not include the captured unit)
• Using composed items fixed
• Melee attacks through walls are no longer possible
• Throwing grenades over walls is now possible
• Data in debriefing and unit statistics are corrected
• Loading batteries into the spaceship is corrected
• Radial info for dead units is hidden (visible on mouse over)
• Hiding tutorial window corrected
• Enemy units in the second phase of a mission are fixed
• Terrain passability over destroyed environments fixed
• Camera movement improved
• Experience is not added for aborted missions
• Retrieving items from mission works better


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