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Patch für Domination auf Version 2.0.164 - nur für die deutsche Version.


1. Fixed bug with 1st message duplication when opening private chat channel
2. Closing chat channel upon pressing ‘x’ next to the channel name feature
3. Private chat channel is accessible now for any players being online

Hot Seat Mode:

1. Added “Surrender” button in Hot Seat mode
2. Now turn being first transferred to the opponent, and only then opponent
watches replay of enemy’s turn. 


1. Canceling connection with Game Server doesn’t take player from LAN-play
menu anymore.
2. Now only player who set “Pause” in LAN-game can take it off
(no forced play)


1. Added information line in top of the screen which shows player’s aliases,
turn number and phase name for all game modes (i.e. singleplayer, hot seat,
LAN-play, Internet play)
2.  Buttons “View replay” and “Load Game” are not being displayed in Menu
if no replays or games have been saved.
3. Adjusted position of text in lines for Save and Load Game.
4. Long names that doesn’t fit are being cut with “…” now. Placing mouse
over long name will bring up tooltip with full text.
5. Fixed bug with simultaneous display of double-armed and transportation
6. Pressing “Exit” button in Career mode brings play to main menu now.
7. Fixed bug with Game Server last login time (removed 1 hour difference)
8. Fixed bug with repeated confirmation for Connection to Game Server, which
appeared upon selecting Internet play after launching game.


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