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Patch auf Version 1.2 für Rising Kingdoms

Major Bug Fixes

-The game now doesn’t freeze upon entering the multiplayer screen with no Internet connection.
-"Local IP could not be determined" problem in Online Battle fixed.
-Crash when starting an Online Battle fixed.
-Fixed a bug that caused all players to be listed as ’noname’ in the chat sometimes causing crashes.

Other Bug Fixes  

-Fixed the logic that makes players have different colours in multiplayer games.
-Item bonuses that increase the duration of certain skills (Invincibility, Altar of Healing, Lightning Shield) now work.
-Fixed a bug regarding the resurrection of multiple Champions when not all of them are ghosts. This sometimes resulted in Champions having no sight and not being able to pick up items.
-Game freeze related to the Levitation skill of the Witch Queen fixed.
-Wizard of the Bow now attacks enemies from the Crystal Tower.
-The wrong interaction between the Night Assassin’s skills Shadows of the Night and Backstab fixed (Shadows of the Night previously made the Champion deal less damage with Backstab).
-Night Assassin’s Angel of Death skill no longer interrupts his current action.
-Fixed Strength of the Forest to always apply to dragons and Earthshakers.


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