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Patch für Chaos League: Sudden Death auf Version 2.03 (auch für die deutsche Version)

- Multi Turn by turn mode was bugged.

- Multi The spectators of turn by turn mode games where never aware of beeing in a turn by turn game.

- Multi When spectators quitted the waiting page, all other spectors were kicked.

- Match Machines exploded after few inactivity minutes when not titularized.

- Match If the ball carrier is hidden in the fog, he can't be hit be an autocast spell.

- Match The referee sometimes persuited a player to fire him out, without never doing it.

- Match Breath informations were not correctly updated when selecting a player with a key shortcut.

- Match Fixed a bug when updating the match table: number of TDs for locals and visitor actions where incorrect.

- Match AI did not use correctly the players' breath for using master power, crowd and smoke.

- Management Fixed crash when a player was retired when announcing the championship finals.

- Management Fixed cemetery when a player was killed by the crowd.

- Management Available competence list has been fixed.

- Management Added the possibility of changing the game mode during a championship ("Difficulty..." button)

- Management / Modding Added skills for modding: Bonus Sa, Vi, De, Pr increase the so named caracteristics and Blessure_F, M, DE, PR decrese them. Those skills and the concerned localized strings have been added in the database. They cannot be baught (can only be affected to players by modding).
A parameter ("-usedb ") can be used to launch the game with another database (this feature is disabled for online games via game center).

- Menu Loading a replay played with spectators crashed the game.

- Menu Available competence list is now sorted in the detailed race screen.

- Menu Fixed a bug in the exported team management screen: when a team was deleted, the list was not correctly updated.


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