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Dritter Patch für die Vollversion von Serious Sam 2.


  • Implemented Deathmatch game mode
  • It is now possible to execute a script file from the console (exec script.cfg)
  • Added samListPlayers() console command - displays the list of all players in the 'playerindex playername' format.
  • Implemented banning of players by IP address (permanent or temporary).
  • Implemented map list and map rotation - map list can be specified either in a cvar or through a file.
  • Added falling damage.
  • Added damage impact - knockback from explosions.
  • Increased player speed for deathmatch games (12.5 m/s).
  • In DM, player runs faster when using the chainsaw.
  • Players dop the current weapon when killed (DM only).
  • It is now posible to disable items, weapons and powerups.
  • Player can be gibbed (DM only).
  • Implemented the in-game voting system (votes for next map, map restart, kicking players, temporary player ban).
  • Added the 'only if stronger' option to auto weapon change setting.
  • Chat message sound is much louder now.
  • Added support for multi-core in physics solver (disabled by default).


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