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Mod-Tools für Black & White 2 von Lionhead

All of these tools are provided with out warranty or support from Lionhad Studios. By agreeing to the user license you agree to these terms. If you are in any doubt, you should uninstall these programs immediately.

Below is a quick overview of each of the tools. Before using any of the tools, it is recommended that you read the accompanying 'read me' file and any other accompanying documentation.

LionheadUnstuffer: Unstuffs the everything.stuff file. Some of the unstuffed files may be needed by the other tools.

Landscape Editor: Pretty self explanatory. You will need to unstuffy things first. This tool also includes the special effects editor.

Script Compiler: Write your own scripts. These scripts are use to make challenges, create cuts cense, and run the enemy AI.

Script Language Documentation: All the functions. There's lots here, so expect a to be overwhelmed (and there may be a few errors).

If you do run in to any trouble, we recommend that you consult the community boards found at and hopefully someone will be able to help you. This is by no means guaranteed. Please do not contact Lionhead, EA or any of our partners as we will not be able to help out.


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