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Patch für Söldner - Secret Wars, Söldner - Reloaded und Söldner - Marine Corps auf Version v33670. Dieser Patch muss installiert werden, um auf den offiziellen Servern spielen zu können.

Changelog Soldner – Secret Wars- Patch 33670

- config.ini changed values for teamkill_suspend from 1 to 0
- config.ini changed values for maxplayers from 16 to 32
- config.ini changed values for soldiernamefadeout from 60.0 to 120.0
- config.ini changed values for WWWpassword from wings to projectzero
- fixed commander zero vote
- corrected weapon xml for use new MP5N model
- radar fixed for the Leopard 2A5
- standard presets deleted
- changed gravity of the stinger
- ironsight of the G3A3 changed back to the old one
- changed viewangle of the DPV machinegun
- increased the price of the Javelin launcher to 8.500$
- added logonwindow for the Harrier
- fixed LanBug with AddOn content
- All available maps are added to the MapPresets
- Conquest / SuperConquest get a default runtime of 31 minutes and 10.000 caps
- Server is running with right weapon recoils
- fixed maps:
o Mekong Delta
o Powerbase
o Swamp
o Fortress
o Soldner Arena
o Invasion
o Villariva vs. Villabajo


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